Why can’t we see God in this world?

Why do you think God never wanted us to see him in this life? Why do we have to wait until we die?

This specific issue is quite easy for Muslims. In fact, Islam teaches that the whole purpose of this life is a test. The proofs and proofs we have received from God are listed in His Book, the Holy Quran.

The important thing to keep in mind is that God does not compel us to come to Him or to submit to what He has commanded. This means that we always have a choice. And one of the important things about this choice is that Allah never makes it so obvious that there would be no more choice. Thus, throughout human life, there is an opportunity to turn away from evil and choose to worship God on His Terms. At the same time, there is, of course, equal opportunities to move away from orientation and then become the losers. I ask God to save us from this, Ameen.

If anyone has seen Allah – how could they be on a fair test? Furthermore, in Islam, we know that if God “reveals” Himself to a mountain, he would collapse from the tremendous experience. And the prophet’s wife, Ayesha, told us that if anyone says that the Prophet ﷺ saw Allah, that person is a liar.

The biggest goal for Muslims in the next life is not, as they portray it so erroneously on television and in the newspapers, that they will in no way have virgins and wine to drink. The greatest and highest honor of the Next Life is to have the chance to really face the “Presence of God”. And this is described in authentic Hadiths (teachings of Muhammad ﷺ).

Although we are definitely looking forward to Paradise and everything in it, we look at it as the highest and greatest of all the honors and favors of God – the opportunity to just be “close to Allah” from time to time in Paradise. I’m excited just thinking about it.

These are some of the reasons why we do not “see” Allah in this life.

However, there is another very important reason that you should be aware of when answering such a question. That is, God cannot be seen in the life of this world, nor can he be heard, smelled, felt, imagined or any other meaning we have. As I have outlined, this would violate the principle that He did not interfere with our choices. Furthermore, God should never be compared to His creation in any way. This means that He does not enter into His creation, nor does He grant any of His creation any of its attributes or power. All power and strength are from God and there is no one who can challenge him, ever.

We do not put Allah in creation. We say what God says about Himself in His Book, that He created the Heavens and the Earth in six days and then He rose above His Throne (as His Majesty refers). We do not say that he sits or is on his throne because He did not say that about himself. Muslims must be careful to never say anything about Allah which they have no authority to say.

God says that He does not compare in any way to any part of His creation. He tells us that He is “Every listener, Every observer, All compassionate, All loving, All merciful, etc.” But He never says that He is “all present” in His creation. Furthermore, we know that He does not empower people as a superman. People claimed to have powers with God, but they are liars (even if they are Muslim). There are no partners with God and He is far above what they would always try to compare with Him anyway.

The Arabic declaration is “La Hawla Wa La Quwata illa Billah”. (There is no power or power anywhere except the Power and Power of God).

I hope this has helped you prepare your answer for the people who are asking about Islam and may God forgive me for my poor translations and weakness in responding to you, Ameen.


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