Wick . Combustible rope placed inside the spark plugs and candles or in the lighters used for lighting or lighting a fire. It can also take the form of a tube filled with gunpowder to safely fire an explosive.


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  • 1 Principle of operation
  • 2 Types of wicks
    • 1 Flat wicks
    • 2 Round wicks
    • 3 Wicks with soul
    • 4 Wicks for oil lamps
  • 3 Election of the wick
  • 4 Sources

Operating principle

The continuity of the burning of the candle is produced because the flame melts the center of the candle, producing a hollow of liquid paraffin that is absorbed by the cotton yarn wick, performing a feedback cycle.

Types of wicks

Flat wicks

These are made of braided cotton, generally three strands of fiber, they are very consistent in burning and produce a fairly even flame. They are the most commonly used wicks on candles.

Round wicks

These are twisted or twisted cotton, more rounded and slightly more robust than flat wipes. They are preferred for beeswax applications. They are the most commonly used, although not always the most appropriate, but they are those found in almost all candle supplies stores.

Wicks with soul

These braided cotton wicks use a core material to keep it straight or upright while burning. The wicks have a round cross section, and the use of different core materials provides a range of stiffening effects. The most common core materials for wicks are cotton, paper, copper, or zinc. Hollow core tubular wicks can be found in containerized candles, internally burning candles, votives, and tapers.

Oil lamp wicks

These wicks are specially designed to meet the combustion characteristics of the specific applications, such as lamps of oil and repellent candles insects .

Election of the wick

Wick for candle

  • The fine will be useful to make candles up to 4 centimeters in diameter and not very high, of the type of night candles.
  • The medium is used for candles 4 to 8 centimeters in diameter.
  • The thickness is used for candles over 8 cm in diameter


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