Can we use sunscreens once they are open?

Sun rays, in small doses, have a positive effect on the body and, in addition, the skin uses them to make vitamin D, which is necessary for bone formation. However, excessive exposure without adequate protection can cause premature skin aging, blemishes or burns.

For this reason, Virginia Barrau Cavero, pharmacist and member of Dermopharmacy of the Official College of Pharmacists of Zaragoza , recommends the use of sunscreen to protect the skin from the sun and infrared rays and avoid the risk of serious dermatological problems. ” It is essential to use a tablespoon of sunscreen for each part of the body periodically, ” he stresses.

Do sunscreens expire?

Cosmetics that have an expiration of more than thirty months are not required to set an expiration date, but a recommended consumption once the creams are opened. The expert points out that there are two types of expiration: the expiration date and the PAO , symbol with an M followed by a number that indicates how long we can use it in perfect conditions once opened.

Also, the appearance of a cream is essential to know if it is in good condition. Barrau explains that you must take into account the smell, touch (lumps or oxidations) or if it has changed color.

However, “ over time, the components of the products that have been open for months, disappear , especially if they come in contact with the outside. Therefore, on many occasions, the protectors are not in optimal conditions for consumption, “he explains.

Which areas of the body need the most protection?

“There are certain areas very sensitive to the sun that we always forget to protect, such as the ears, insteps, neckline or head areas, mainly people with baldness, since the sun falls on the head and can cause conditions,  says Barrau.

On the other hand, it is essential to use a cream for the face and another for the body , since the products for the body are more greasy and using them on the face can cause acne or dermatitis . Also, “people with freckles or moles should take special care when exposing themselves to the sun so that it does not produce harmful effects on the skin.”

In addition, it is important to know that “leaving the remains of the cream on the body protects more” is not true . “The surface of the skin is not smooth, it has relief. For this reason, we must spread the cream to protect all the parts and not just one area of ​​the body, “emphasizes Barrau.

In the shade, is it necessary to use sunscreen?

The specialist advises using a shade protector to protect the skin, since solar radiation suffers reflection, that is, it bounces off the ground and affects the skin. In fact, solar radiation can reach our skin because it is reflected in the sand by 25 percent, in the water by 20 percent or in the snow by 80 percent. Therefore, it is possible to burn in the shade.

“Similarly, we must protect ourselves in the car, since the crystals do not protect from UVA rays, which cause further skin aging and even cancer, ” he concludes.


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