How can I improve my thinking? Find it out!

Maintaining the shape of the brain is critical to increasing your ability to think, although many people are concerned only with taking care of the other muscles in the body. Obviously, this factor influences your professional performance and can determine the scope of better job proposals.

Currently, companies are looking for employees who are qualified to deal with different situations and who are capable of solving unusual problems. They appreciate candidates who can think quickly and suggest consistent solutions. Regardless of their area of ​​expertise, thinking and reasoning in a logical way are seen as differentiated competences.

For the general population, logical reasoning can provide the identification of misleading advertisements, the malicious speeches of politicians and also biased news in the news media.

On the other hand, in the exercise of his profession, logical reasoning is fundamental to improve his power of argumentation, persuasion and construction of constructive criticism, in addition to making him more prepared to identify the market tricks and develop solid strategies to achieve the goals. its stakeholders.

Given the importance of exercising your brain and keeping it active, a reflection arises: have you ever stopped to think if you have really valued your brain? Have you ever imagined how much he has already done for you and to achieve your goals? An excellent way to value this organ so important for the development of any human being is to exercise it constantly.

Brain-improving practices

The practice of these exercises prevents the appearance of problems of concentration and memory. They provide an increase in the attention capacity of individuals and can be performed as leisure on a daily basis. Next, we will present some of these practices.

  1. Physical exercises

You can even hit a little lazy time to perform physical activities, but exercising the body is also part of mind care.

Know that this practice is essential to increase the flow of oxygen in the brain and expand the resistance of neurons to damage and stress, in addition to decreasing the risks of developing chronic-degenerative diseases and stimulating agility and willingness to perform tasks.

  1. Board Games

Do you want to improve your logical ability? Then become a board player. In addition to being an excellent way to interact with family and friends, it helps to stimulate strategic thinking and the ability to analyze the opponent’s intentions.

Games like chess, for example, involve a lot of mathematical content and can be very useful to increase your agility in dealing with numbers at work.

  1. Magic cube

As much as many people are terrified of the squares of the magic cube, this piece can be fundamental to improve their reasoning ability.

This three-dimensional puzzle requires concentration, memory and mathematical reasoning, so it works with important issues to improve the performance of the mind.

  1. Reading

Reading is considered essential for those who want to draw their attention to details. When faced with the story of a book, for example, hypotheses and conclusions arise, which provide the construction of deductive reasoning. In addition, it works with concentration and requires memory effort.

  1. Doing new things

Bringing new things into your routine is an excellent way to stimulate the brain and stay active. Through this practice, new neural connections are created, which provide increased knowledge and cognitive ability.

Try different environments, read new books and explore new foods.

  1. Doing head count

Especially in adulthood, the calculator makes an object seemingly inevitable. However, the custom of using it whenever a new account appears can leave your brain “ rusty ”. Try to keep your mind active and ready to make the necessary calculations during the day to day.

Alternatives to assess your intelligence quotient

When we talk about reasoning, questions also arise in relation to the intelligence of your quotient, which refers to a general assessment of your ability to think and reason. Long ago it seemed impossible to know your own ability, however, with the help of the internet, this procedure has become much easier.

The IQ Test website offers a series of online exercises that allow you to detect your weaknesses and strengths. Are you curious to know more? So let’s present some of the tests available.

1 – IQ test – Through this test it is possible for you to have an indication of how you compare with most people your age, so that you can detect the aspects that need improvement. There are 60 questions that must be answered within 45 minutes.

2 – EQ Test – This test aims to assess your emotional intelligence, so that you can improve your inner control. As much as some people do not think it is important to develop this point, in the job market, personality is seen as something very important, which only tends to add an individual’s mental capacity and technical knowledge. Good mastery of emotions, empathy, self-motivation, self-confidence, impulse control and intuition work as steps to approach better job opportunities. The test consists of 20 questions, which will allow you to reflect on this topic.

3 – Vocational test – A very important factor when choosing the career you want to pursue is to know your vocational skills. Don’t know how to do this? Stay calm, as this test will help you to detect some of its characteristics and aptitudes. The purpose of the test is to present the areas that most identify with you, seeking to guide you on the areas and courses that may correspond to your possible expectations and vocations.

4 – Brain Test – This test was developed with the purpose of testing the balance between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. The same can be done in 30 seconds.

Did you like the tips? So start exercising your brain now and become a professional better prepared to deal with the challenges of the job market.

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