Calculating the dose of phytosanitary products that I should apply

Now that you have the necessary phytosanitary products for your garden and your garden … how should they be applied? What are the phytosanitary doses that I should apply? Today we tell you in this post.

How to calculate the dose of phytosanitary products that I need to apply

The following doses reflect the same: mix 2ml of product per liter of water.

  • Apply 2%of product.
  • Apply 2 L / Ha. (ha = hectare, is 10,000 m2) always assuming an expenditure of 1000L of water per Ha.
  • Apply 200 cc / Hl(HI = hectolitre, it is 100 liters).
  • Apply 2000 cc / Ha(cc or cm3 are cubic meters, 1 cubic meter equals 1 ml, so cubic centimeters and ml equals the same).

What dose of phytosanitary products should be used according to the equipment I use?

The recommended doses of the products refer to normal spray equipment with broth costs of 1,000 liters / hectare.

When treatments are carried out with reduced-cost equipment (atomizers, etc.), it is necessary to increase the concentration to keep the recommended dose per hectare constant.

These doses may vary only depending on the development of the crop or in some cases by the pest to be fought and always under the advice of a specialist technician. If you have doubts, comment on this case your case and we will assist you!

Let’s see an example: We are applying a product with an atomizer with the recommended dose of 150 gr / 100 liters of water. The volume of broth consumed per hectare is 600 liters. The appropriate dose would be 250 gr / 100 liters of water.

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