Business ethics are moral principles that serve as guidelines or guidelines for the business being carried out. Thus, all aspects related to the business can run the business in accordance with values, norms, and behavior that are fair, good, healthy, and professional, both for all people in the company, clients, business partners, shareholders, customers and the wider community. In the business world, we will definitely get to know the term business ethics. Many people who strongly agree that business ethics does need to be owned by every business.


One of the principles of business ethics is to make business an ethical activity, so that it can go hand in hand with ethical, legal and regulatory rules. In many ways, the norms and ethical norms that apply are not only good for business, but also help us to be responsible and behave well in society. That is why business ethics and social responsibility always go hand in hand.


In addition, business ethics and the profession also have close links with each other. Why is that? Because business ethics can be used as the same guidelines to be applied to individuals in working and behaving in accordance with the norms and norms that apply in the workplace. Therefore, every individual who jumps into the business world or focuses on his profession must read and understand business ethics papers and business ethics materials that each organization and company may have. The goal is that individuals can understand the business ethics adopted by their respective workplaces.


Understanding of Business Ethics According to Experts

What about the understanding of business ethics according to experts? Professionals define business ethics as a set of good and appropriate morals to be practiced in a business and business ethics can also be an appropriate policy guideline, when we have to consider business topics that could be controversial.


According to Kirk O. Hanson, an ethicist who is very well known and also serves as Executive Director at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, expressing his opinion on the understanding of business ethics. For Hanson, business ethics is not just a set of moral guidelines for a business, but business ethics can be a study of standards of business behavior that promote human welfare and goodness.


The Purpose of Business Ethics

Business ethics is often guided by law, so that it can go hand in hand. Even so, there are some organizations that prefer to operate ethically to gain acceptance from the community. One of the most important goals of business ethics is to help build a higher level of trust between stakeholders in an organization and consumers.


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