Why do many companies have a PLC written at the end of their names, and what does this mean?

Pillsy means a public limited company. At least 5 entrepreneurs can be registered under the Companies Act 1 of Bangladesh and form a PLC . Non-registered companies will not be able to enter PLC.

There are all provisions in the Companies Act for managing such companies. In order to conduct business, the directors are obliged to obey the provisions of the law. Some pills are again registered on the stock exchange. If the public limited company is not a company, it will not be registered on the stock exchange.

Once registered on the stock exchange, the number of owners cannot be less than 20. Registration as registered means ownership (share) is transferable. Commonly used in our country is the term Stock Exchange Registered Limited. People are confused.

Only a stock exchange registered company should hold a policy. The PLC is usually written at the end of the value to indicate that the shares of the PLC can be purchased or sold by the public at any time.

Kopani is listed on the Justma Stock Exchange with a PLC in Europe. Ordinary people may think that PLC means much bigger company. Let everyone invest. Stay tuned to our Facebook page to get updates on the new stock market.


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