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A classic of arcade speed that is successfully adapted to Nintendo Switch. The furious races of Burnout Paradise Remastered show us more than 10 years later the significance of this Criterion Games classic that redefined the understanding of arcade driving games. And now, you have it in a portable format.

Being able to play an arcade speed classic like Burnout Paradise on a handheld console is a real treat. Who was going to tell us a few years ago, right? And yet here we have it, perfectly adapted to Nintendo Switch , ready to make racing fans happy with its chases at breakneck speeds, its bulky takedowns , and a whole city to explore freely to the rhythm of a great band. sound. There is a lot of nostalgia involved, that we are not talking about one of the best valued installments of the Burnout saga for nothing, but regardless of the memories and our personal experiences with the original, this return to Paradise City has made me appreciate even more the Criterion Games classic . It is so fun, frantic and, even today, at times spectacular, that it is difficult to resist that madness on wheels to which it invites us to participate. Even more, as I say, thanks to a portable mode that does not dispense with one of the most valuable features of this arcade: 60fps .


It is a pleasure to run freely through the streets of Paradise City with such fluidity without sacrificing its great staging, although sometimes the dynamic resolution can leave us -for a moment- with some images lacking in detail. Not much for a classic of arcade speed that maintains the type after more than a decade thanks to that update that we already told you about in our analysis of Burnout Paradise Remastered on PC, Xbox One and PS4. Did you play it at the time? Returning to him will make you value more if possible not only his furious races and spectacular accidents, but especially, the bravery of a game proposal that laid the foundations of arcade driving in an open world. He was ahead of his time, the pioneer; Hence, if this is your first time with Burnout Paradise, you will also appreciate its many virtues. It is true that there are details to which the passage of time has taken a toll; game elements that have evolved and been refined to the extreme in more recent video games, but the greatness of this title from Criterion Games is that despite everything, it continues to fight; continues to be a work that entertains and captivates as few games can.


Fury Road … in handheld mode

Burnout Paradise: Remastered Races Confirmed For Nintendo Switch With This Trailer


Burnout Paradise’s commitment to an open world is not limited exclusively to giving you the freedom to go here and there in search of races and other challenges. Everything, I repeat, everything in this Criterion Games video game has been designed so that the player decides which way to go; how you face the challenges it poses. I’ll put it another way. In races the only thing fixed is the starting point and the finish line, the rest is up to you, so you can follow the route you prefer ; take the shortcuts you want and even overcome any mistakes driving like crazy through streets, parks or even inside some buildings. Anything goes as long as you are the first in races that are still as fun as before, in part thanks to those now legendary takedowns, taking an opponent off the track, they reward you with extra nitro.

There are over 100 cars to unlock, including legendary vehicles and motorcycles. Winning races will make you ascend and with it, you will be able to access more and more vehicles.

This is Burnout so his thing is to go crazy; Drive recklessly to earn bonus points and that precious nitro that will give you the boost you need to outrun your opponents. Driving in the opposite direction, dodging traffic, or using ramps to fly and knock down advertising posters should become an essential routine for you to overcome the most difficult challenges. And that’s why Burnout Paradise, so many years later, continues to be so much fun. It is a wild experience that is still capable of giving you frankly spectacular moments. It has obviously been overtaken by more recent games, which in the notable MotorStorm ApocalypseYou were running at full speed while a tornado took everything away, but I guarantee that you will enjoy and it will surprise you admirably.


The sensations behind the wheel are also very good, with a high intensity driving that has adapted very well to the Nintendo Switch, despite the absence of analog triggers. With a gigantic city to move around freely, another of the worst aspects of the game over the years has to do with the absence of a fast travel that would have helped to eliminate dead times during the game. Driving is great, yes, but when you have to travel half the city to change cars … well, it’s not so much fun anymore. All this despite the fact that there are several garages scattered around Paradise City, but as I say, in the end it can become a bit tedious. There is more. This version of Nintendo Switch is also somewhat lackluster in night races, with an alarming lack of visibility at times that detracts from the appeal of challenges that should have been just the opposite, a great show. You can change the race settings to compete during the day or in the evenings, but of course, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Some races consist of surviving the attacks of your rivals, who will try by all means to destroy your vehicle.

For everything else, Burnout Paradise Remastered is a racing game that has borne the weight of history well. His legacy can still be seen in many other speed videogames that have managed to evolve and refine their game formula, surpassing the master; which is why in some ways the Criterion Games classic feels a bit dated . It is still a recommended video game, because not every day you can enjoy a classic like this in the palm of your hands, but here some other aspects come into play that may determine your bet on it to a greater or lesser degree. The main one is the price; It is sold as a novelty when it is a remastering that you can buy at a much lower price on other platforms. And then there is the portable mode, which while it feels satisfactory, suffers from a certain lack of sharpness in the image that can tire your eyes after long gaming sessions.

It continues to be a work that entertains and captivates as few games canIn portable mode the action is shown at a resolution of 720p and 60fps, preserving a good level of detail in vehicles and circuits; But the racing is so hectic that it can sometimes be difficult to follow the action if there are sudden changes in the image. On the other hand, and this is something that depends entirely on you, the remastering comes accompanied by a good handful of additional cars and motorcycles corresponding to the DLC that the original delivery received, with several legendary cars that are extremely fast. The problem? If you use them from the beginning, it will be very easy for you to successfully overcome all the challenges that lie ahead, so you will have to make an effort to stay as faithful as possible to the rules of the original game.



Burnout Paradise: Remastered

No one can take credit from Burnout Paradise for being a pioneer with its commitment to open world arcade racing. The Criterion Games classic laid the foundations for a way of understanding extreme speed that still endures today, and although the gaming experience has become somewhat outdated, its furious races and bulky takedowns remain an excellent excuse to enjoy the game. even more video game in portable format.

  • Its arcade driving. The driving sensations are still fantastic
  • Freedom of action; races that you can solve by following your own routes
  • Great soundtrack with a varied repertoire of songs that encourages you to compete
  • 60fps in dock and portable mode. The fluidity is extreme.
  1. More than 10 years later, it has become outdated in some options and challenges
  2. Night races suffer from lack of visibility
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