Bucket : A container that generally has a truncated cone shape that is used to transport liquids and some solids such as ice.


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Other definitions

In geography , the area of ​​the land that collects the waters . Water basins may be open to the sea or closed. In refrigerators , a container that is filled with water to obtain ice . In music, part of the harp where the pedal springs are placed.


The word bucket originated from the Latin “cupa”, and designates a concave container for storing substances, made of various materials ( glass , wood , porcelain , plastic or metal ) and of different sizes and shapes. They can be fixed or have handles so that they can be taken more comfortably and transported.

In shops, cuvettes, generally square or rectangular, in the form of open compartments are used, which are placed in highly visible and transit places, to show the products to the public, and make them attractive and tempting in their offer, allowing customers to take them directly from there and then pay them. Examples: “Cookies of different types are offered in the bucket, choose the one you prefer and place it in the shopping basket.”

Types of trays according to the material:

  • Wooden buckets.
  • Metal buckets.
  • Plastic buckets.
  • Glass bowls.
  • Quartz cuvettes.
  • Porcelain bowls


The buckets are used in refrigerators to make ice . In chemical laboratories, to transport liquids . In addition some are used for taking dental impressions.


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