Bracelet . Optional garment or accessory used to decorate one or both wrists of the person, but they can also be worn around the ankles , if their Length allows it.


Depending on the composition of the material, they can be made of fantasy that are made of materials of little economic value and seem to be made of a material of greater economic value, an example would be a fantasy bracelet in gold that represents or imitates the Gold bracelets , but it is not. The material from which this bracelet can be made can be gold painted sheet metal, also Wood , Thread , Metal, etc. When the bracelets are linked together they are called Slaves. If they are solid and cylindrical, they are called “Bracelet”. Within the great variety of models and designs of bracelets, which can be made of various materials, the bracelets can be classified as rigid, or soft and they can be built automatically or by machine or by hand, or be, through the hand of Man . The bracelets made or made of thread can adorn the wrists or the feet, at present the thread bracelets have a wide range of possibilities since the number of colors and threads that the market offers is very varied, giving the bracelet characteristics own and different at the time of making it.

Place it occupies and represents in today’s society

In antiquity , bracelets were, for the most part, made of gold and held and represented the economic power of the wearer. The ancients used it as a symbol that was related to the stars on their wrist and influenced the development stages of man. The jewels as bracelets are called among other elements, when they are made with elements of a high economic value, are of great importance in some countries or areas, such as India . A curious fact is that, there is a country that, from its origins that did not approve the use of the bracelets that was Japan. The Greeks, on the other hand, developed more than one bracelet and also different related decorative and ornamental accessories that today are called jewels. Due to their development in art, in the area of ​​sculpture, their designs were small-sized pieces or miniatures of the sculptures they made in their temples and all were related to religious purposes or scenes from history that were heroic.

Over time, the bracelet began to evolve and they have been manufactured in many shapes and materials. The materials used in the manufacture of bracelets are similar to those used in the manufacture of Rings . The bracelets have been found in ancient Egypt in Mummies , in graves of certain prehistoric Periods and is seen in many of the characters of the ancient Syrian Empire . The first found pieces of bracelets or bangles were those used in the Bronze Age period. The aspect that the bracelets of this age usually have is in a spiral or circular shape. The Egyptians’ bracelets were cylindrical in shape and many times divided into two parts. The Phoenicians carried them out in the form of open rings and the endings were with animal heads.

The Romans and Greeks were represented by snake figures adorned with precious stones and, among the Byzantines, the bracelet or bracelet was used only by the upper classes. In ancient times, the Celts were the designers of a very particular type of bracelet of great value, for the beauty of the design that this civilization achieved.

Throughout history, Japanese culture has not allowed men or women to wear ornaments of precious metals or stone, for this reason nothing of Japanese culture corresponds to Western culture. Only hair presses were used as ornaments by “geisha” women and the court class, more than any other.

On the Hindu subcontinent, which is made up of the Republics of India , Pakistan , Bangladesh and Sri Lanka ; Inhabitants, especially women, wore multiple accessories, for hair , neck, and ears , and especially arms, wearing them completely covered by bracelets and bangles.

Jewelery and ornaments are still very important in India today, but it does not compare to how wonderful and beautiful they were that were once used and that unfortunately, due to the overexploitation of mineral resources, are already impossible to obtain.

The Greeks, more than a realization of accessories and bracelets, were more dedicated to sculpture, so the ornaments they carried on their hands and body in general, were sculpted miniatures that represented religious and mythological figures or heroic scenes.

The Romans used decorations on their body, especially gold and silver ornaments, however that trend changed a bit when they began to use small sculptures that symbolized something, as in Greek culture: first figures that represented nature and then rather representations magic.

Currently, the ornaments that we use are not as primitive as those that were used in those times because technology makes it possible to write or work gold, silver, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, etc.

Differences between them

The differences can occur not only because of the color but also because of the knots used in the construction, the material from which it was built, the texture of the thread and the finish given to it. The bracelets that are made by hand represent, in themselves, true works of art and according to their design and the colors used, they will be given different meanings, becoming known in some regions as friendship bracelets.

Recommendations for use

The Look and the image are, in this current era, very important. To always achieve a better style, the material that women will choose will be gold, since its presence together with diamonds and sapphires give an appearance of elegance and hierarchy. The silver bracelet enhances and makes it look very good, providing a delicate appearance to the wearer of it.

If you are looking for something not so elegant, but dressing and that makes you look good, silver is what you need to have in your jewelry box . A totally smooth bracelet makes you look extremely delicate. If you want something more informal, thicker bracelets or with shapes and figures is what we recommend. Now you can’t find silver alone, Lazuli pencil, Amethyst and Jade among others, make the accessory give you a more striking and different appearance, the bracelets will make you highlight the fineness of your wrists and the contrast with your hands and arms. You find them made entirely of stone or with small inlays in silver and also vice versa, silver and with figurines or small stones on it.

To look informal but not careless, what is fashionable are the bracelets made of plastics and other materials, which are based on just balls. These make you look different and striking, and you find them with or without symbols drawn on the balls. Another option is those that are made of interwoven threads of different colors, the best known are the “dreadlocks”, which have the colors green, red, yellow and black. But there are them in all colors and with different shapes and drawings.

There are also bracelets that are made of Wire , Wood or Fabric , they all look good, but you must remember that they are to make you look informal, so they must go according to the clothes you wear. The bracelets are small, but they give you the necessary finish. Learn to use and combine them and you will notice that you will look great. It is a matter of using your imagination and having variety so that you see what can be done in your hands and especially in your appearance.

Woven bracelets

Among the infinity of models and designs of bracelets that exist in a large part of cultures, which can include bracelets made with rigid materials, mixed materials, or bracelets manufactured in an automated and commercial way, there are bracelets that are completely woven to hand.

Woven Bracelets are an optional garment, a complement to decorate one or both wrists of the person, but they can also be worn around the ankles , if their length allows.

This particular range of bracelets is huge and rich in colors and designs. They are not hard because they are woven with threads, although the number of knots used in their making, as well as the type of thread, how closed the fabric is and the number of threads with which it is made, are factors that influence its final properties.

Hand-woven bracelets are handicrafts, and some symbolism or meaning is assigned to them depending on the colors, designs, or for reasons unique to the person who has woven them and / or the person who purchases them.



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