How to book train tickets online (Online train ticket)

Now you do not need to go to the station to book a train ticket. If you have a debit card (ATM card), credit card or internet banking account, you can make a reservation of your preferred seat through the internet sitting at home.

For ticket reservation, firstly create a new account on , write your mobile number and address correctly and always remember your user name and password. You cannot create a new user account from 8 am to 11 am.

To book tickets , log in to and fill the station name, date, ticket quota (normal, immediate). Now you will get a list of all trains running on that date, select the train you want to go from and select the category. Now you will be given information about the number of seats available, by clicking on that number, fill the details of passengers and other things.

After that you will be given the option to pay money. Now pay the money by choosing the appropriate option. If you have only ATM cards, you will have to enter the ATM card number and code to pay the money. All payment methods are completely safe. Your ticket will be booked after payment.

You can print the ticket at any time if you want. You will also get booking information through sms. You can use that sms as a ticket. You can cancel the ticket on this website and the money will automatically come into your account. If the money has been paid at the time of making the ticket and due to any reason the ticket has not been made, then the amount paid will come back to your account.

Reservations for general quota tickets start 60 days prior to travel from 8 am and Tatkal quota ticket reservation starts from 10 am the day before the trip.


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