Advantages and disadvantages of studying in a coaching class

Many students feel that studying in coaching is very important to succeed in any competitive examination or school or college examination, but it is not so. If students / students want, then without going to coaching, success can be achieved in the exam.

Let us first see what are the benefits of coaching –

The biggest advantage of coaching is that the students and students get very good guidance, they get a direction. He comes in contact with other students and students in coaching and gets many information from them. By going to coaching, students and students get to know what is the status of the competition and they get to know their level. There are also many good teachers in coaching who teach difficult things well, which benefit the students and they are able to remember it for a long time.

Coaching can also harm some students –

The biggest disadvantage is that if the teacher is not good in coaching then he cannot understand the subject well and his time in coaching is wasted. Most teachers in coaching classes pay more attention to some selected students, He explains the question raised by him and by doing so, the time of other students is lost. If the students are very fast or they already know many topics, then their time in coaching is wasted because the teacher is telling what he already knows. If he did not go to coaching and study himself, his knowledge would have increased. Most coaching classes are run just for the purpose of earning money and they impose heavy fees on students and students. Due to which financial pressure increases on students and students. Coaching classes sometimes promote false propaganda and promote wrong things. Many of these good students go to coaching and spoil their valuable time.

If you want to take advantage of the coaching center properly, then it is a must to see that their time is not wasted by studying in the coaching center and they are benefiting from studying in coaching, then only the coaching center should be used otherwise itself good books Should try to get success in examinations by studying.


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