What Is Bone Fracture;Symptoms,Treatment And Prevention

Bone fracture  and dislocation is when the end of a bone is pushed out of its natural position, it is said to be dislocated. This may be caused by violence, disease, or natural weakness of the parts about a joint.

Bone Fracture Symptoms

Deformity about the joint, with unnatural prominence at one part, and depression at another. The limb may
be shorter or longer than usual, and is stiff and unable to be moved, differing m these last two respects from a broken limb, which is mostly shorter, never longer, than usual, and which is always more movable.

Fracture Treatment:

So much practical science and tact are requisite in order to bring a dislocated bone into its proper position again, that we strongly advise the-reader never to interfere in these cases; unless, indeed,it is altogether impossible to obtain the services of a surgeon.

But because any one-ef us may very possibly be placed in this emergency, we give a few rough rules for the reader’s guidance  In the first place make the joint from which the bone has been displaced perfectly steady, either by fixing it to some firm object or else by holding it with the hands ; then pull the dislocated bone in a ^direction towards the
place from which it has been thrust.

Do not, however, pull or press against the parts too violently, ’ as you may,perhaps, by doing so, rupture blood vessels, and produce most serious consequences. When you do attempt to reduce a dislocated bone, do it as
quickly as possible after the accident tri? taken place, inking the operation more difficult.

  • When the patient is very strong, he may be put into a warm bath until he feels faint, or have sixty drops of antimonial wine given him every ten minutes until he feels sickish.These two means are of great use in relaxing the muscles. If the bone has been brought back again to its proper place, keep it there by means of bandages; and if there is much pain about the joint, apply a cold lotion to it, and keep it perfectly at rest.
  • The lotion should be, a dessertspoonful of Goulard’s extract and two table-spoonfuls of vinegar, mixed in a
    pint o f. Leeches are sometimes necessary. Unless the local pain, or general feverish , are great,the patient’s diet should be the same as usual. Dislocations may be reduced a week, or even a fortnight, after they have taken place.

Where bones are fractured, the symptoms are— I. deformity of the part.2. Unnatural looseness. 3. A grating
sound where the two ends of the broken bone are rubbed together. 4. Loss of natural motion and power. In some
cases thenp is also shortening of the limb. — Fracture takes place from several causes, as a fall, a blow, a
squeeze, and sometimes from the violent action of muscles.

Special  Treatment of Bone Fracture .

Cases where a surgeon cannot be procured immediately after the accident,the following general rules are offered
for the reader’s guidance :— The broken limft should f oe* placed and kept as nearly as possible in ils natural position.

This is to be done by first pulling the two portions of the bone in opposite directions, until the limb becomes as long as the opposite one, and then by applying splint, and binding it ‘part by means of a roller. When there is no deformity, the pulling is of course unnecessary.If there is much swelling about the broken pair , a cold lotion is to be applied. This lotion may be thus made : — Mix a dessert-spoonful of Goulard’s extract and two tablespoonfuls of vinegar in a pint of water.When the leg or arm is broken, always,if possible, get it to the same length and form as the opposite limb.

The broken part should be kept perfectly quiet. When a broken limb is deformed, and a particular muscle is on
the stretch, place the limb in such a position as will relax it.This will in most cases cure the deformity. Brandy And-water, or cal-volatile and water,are to be given when the patient is faint. Surgical aid should, of course, be procured as soon as possible.

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