Bloomberg functions for derivatives

In Economipedia we have compiled the main functions of bloomberg for derivatives. You will be able to find functions related to financial derivatives , specifically on futures , options and warrants .

OMON Options monitor
WEIF Stock Index Futures
SFUT Stock Futures
OMST Most active options
PV Theoretical Value of Indices
CTM Futures search menu / Options by type of contract
FHG Historical futures chart
EMC Futures search menu / Market options
Wbf World Bond Futures
Wir World short-term interest rates
FMQ Futures Market Quote
OMON Options Monitor
Ov Valuation of an Option
LMO Matrix volatility of options
OSA Analysis of options scenarios
OHT Allows scenarios about options and calculates theoretical values
Wmon Warrants monitor
WRNT Warrants Calculator
WRNG Historical Warrant Analysis
WHZ Scenario Analysis
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