Blackjack (Weapon)

Blackjack . Blunt weapon consisting of a strong or fire- hardened wooden stick , at one end it ends with a kind of ball that was once trimmed with iron tips .


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A bludgeon , [[nightstick, defense, wand , stick , roll , stick , stick, club, bat, tranca among other names, is a weapon forceful generally used by police forces . It is a short stick that can be manipulated with one hand . Formerly they were made of hard wood , but today they can be made of rubber , acrylic and dense plastic .


British police used wooden batons from the 19th century to the 1990s, which were replaced by extendable batons (very similar to a radio antenna). Currently, the PR-24, a weapon derived from the Japanese tonfa, is also used.


In Ecuador, the blackjack, however, is not a clava or a vast, but rather a cane adorned with colored ribbons carried by the blackjack in parades and parades, in Chile, curiously, blackjack is an adjective that designates someone who Pretend what is not or does not feel: a fraud, vain or vain.

This elongated instrument can be used as a weapon, in its basic form it is nothing more than a roughly carved stick that increases in diameter from the handle to the end, they can be made of leather, wood or other material that are used as small weapons to strike Usually consisting of a piece of lead or other heavy leather-lined material with a short, flexible handle such as a strap or spring loaded shaft.

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