What Is Biovicerin;Indications,Side Effects And Contraindications

Biovicerin is a remedy for diarrhea that has in its composition bacteria that compete for nutrients with the microbes that cause diarrhea, leading to its death. Bacteria from Biovicerin will also produce B-complex vitamins and enzymes that promote the reconstitution of the intestinal flora necessary for the normal performance of bowel functions.

Biovicerin is produced by Geyer laboratory.

Biovicerin Indications

Biovicerin is indicated for the treatment of intestinal infections caused by pathogenic bacteria. It also acts as a restorer of the intestinal flora.

Biovicerin Price

The price of Biovicerin ranges from 2 to 24 reais depending on the dosage of the drug.

How to use Biovicerin

The mode of use of Biovicerin consists of the ingestion of 1 flaconette every 4 hours and, in chronic cases, 1 to 2 flaconetes per day, according to medical advice.

Biovicerin Side Effects

It has no side effects.

Contraindications of Biovicerin

It has no contraindications.

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