What Is The Difference Between Biosphere And Technosphere

Biosphere and technosphere is very important topic in environmental science. It is useful now to consider the relationship between the biosphere and this man-made environ­ment, the technosphere, which also picks up water, fossil fuels, minerals, and biologic products for processing to meet modern technologic needs.

The biosphere is a complete, self-contained, permanently balanced system organized to provide all its own needs and to break down, disseminate, and reuse its waste material through natural processes of dissolution and decay. Unfortunately it is a balance that can be upset. The technosphere is dependent on the biosphere not only for much of its input but also for its effluents (Nicholson).

It was created by historic, social, economic, and scientific developments; it has its own anatomy, its inputs and outputs, and its hazards —acciden­tal or deliberate disturbances to ecological systems which may result in a chain reaction that man is often powerless to control. This applies particularly to nuclear pollution. The final result is often irrecoverable loss, such as dust bowls and desolation.

What Is The Purpose of Biosphere And Technosphere

Man has a special relationship to the biosphere; at worst he is the greatest and most destructive of predators — but he can seek after solutions, and, by his decisions, determine his own destiny only if there is help from his own institutions: govern­ment, industry, agriculture,’ communities, and education.

We mentioned earlier the curious lack of contact between the ecologist and the conventionally trained physician, and the fact that unfortunately the problems most difficult to evaluate are not the acute ones but the subtle ones accruing from insidious deterioration of the environment. There has been relatively little help from biologists here, because biology instructors themselves have turned away from field work — where the reality of life is to be studied-in favor of the reductionist trend in education, and have concentrated on problems at the cellular or molecular level, as perhaps more convenient to teach in a classroom.

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