Bike or race? What is the best workout?

There is a very common doubt among people who practice physical activities, especially those who like aerobic exercise: biking or running ? Which one should I choose?

These exercises really are champions when we talk about aerobic activity to lose weight. In addition to providing fat loss, these aerobic exercises help improve physical endurance, and strengthen the cardiovascular system, providing greater health.

Well, but what is the best aerobic for you? This is extremely relative, as choosing between the bike or the race becomes much easier when you know which goal you want to achieve.

For this reason, below we will show you the advantages of each of these exercises and so you can choose which is the best aerobic for you.

Bike or race? Advantages and disadvantages

There are more advantages than disadvantages to doing any of these aerobic exercises. See below for the advantages and disadvantages of these activities.

Advantages of the bike

The first advantage of the bicycle that we can mention is that this exercise is a low impact exercise. This makes the bike an ideal equipment for people who are recovering from an injury or simply want to alternate high-impact with low-impact training.

The exercise bike is also considered to be safe and can be used without age restrictions. If it is not ergometric, it gives you the possibility to exercise in several different scenarios.

In addition to these advantages, the bicycle also improves physical conditioning, as it improves cardiac, pulmonary and muscular capacity, which makes you more physically conditioned and helps to tone your leg muscles, as the bike works a lot with the lower and gluteus limbs.

Disadvantages of the bike

The first disadvantage that we can mention is in relation to caloric expenditure. If you compare the treadmill and the bike, at the same intensity, you will see that more calories are spent with the treadmill. This is because in running you need to do more strength for locomotion, after all you will always have to push your body.

Another disadvantage of the bike is the position of use that may be incorrect. If the seat is not ideally positioned for your height, knee and / or spine injuries may occur. See how to adjust your bike in the correct position, How to adjust the bike to have a correct posture?

Advantages of the race

The treadmill is great for beginners, those who are overweight or who are recovering from an injury (with light walks), thus avoiding walks and runs on the ground, avoiding impacts and twists and better intensity control.

Mats are also good because they can be used in any climate, with sun or rain, as they are in covered environments. They help in the recovery of injuries, if used with low intensity and also gives you greater control of the effort you want to make to perform the exercise.

Although it doesn’t seem like the impact of running is a great advantage, as it is through impact that it will generate greater bone mass creation, thus avoiding problems such as osteoporosis.

Disadvantages of the race

The run, although it seems simple, is a complex movement, as it requires the coordination of several muscles, and when these are out of balance it can generate discomfort, pain and even injury in the runner. So it is important to do some strengthening exercises for runners.

A disadvantage of the treadmill is that it can become a very monotonous exercise, causing demotivation in using it. In addition, the treadmill, when used in high intensity or even with inappropriate shoes, can cause knee injuries.

Biking or running – what is the best workout?

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of these exercises, it becomes much easier to choose between the bike or the race. Choose the best aerobic according to what you hope to achieve from the exercises for your goals.

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