The Bible Director 8.5

The Bible Director 8.5 . This book will teach you how to use both logic and imagination which requires the use of both. It is a software creation tool . On the one hand it can make your ideas take physical shape quickly and on the other hand it is an environment that will inspire new ideas as you explore it.


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About the author

Gary Rosenzweig is Chief Engineer , Founder, and Owner of CleverMedia , a multimedia and game development company in Denver, Colorado. This is his sixth book Director. Today Clever Media was hired by a multitude of companies, it owns four of the largest Shockware and Flash games sites on the Internet and develops games for many of the others.


  • Part I. Basic aspects of the Director.
  • Part II Member types in detail.
  • Part III. Composition with director.
  • Part IV Basic use of Lingo.
  • Part V. Use of Behaviors.
  • Part VI. Use of Lingo for multimedia control.
  • Part VII. Advanced use of Lingo.
  • Part VIII. Using Director for creating applications.
  • Part IX. Conclusions of a project.
  • Part X. Advanced topics.


It is to allow the user to reach full capacities to work with this book where he exposes a series of concepts and techniques in a clear and simple way. If you are an animator or if you simply use Director to make presentations, he explains how to make animations and presentations without using Lingo programming. If you want to learn Lingo, this book will teach you how to use it from beginning to end.


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