How to bet on personal marketing to boost your career?

How to bet on personal marketing to boost your career?

December 9, 2019 By Helena





Building a successful career is not easy. It is not enough to just be a good professional and be attuned to trends, you need to be seen. And one of the best ways to do that is by investing in personal marketing.

Having a positive image in the corporate market is very important. If you are already a good professional, are able to take on great responsibilities or even if you are just starting out and want to leverage your career, knowing how to use personal marketing is essential to be recognized in the market.

If you still don’t know what personal marketing is, take it easy! In this article, you will understand what we are talking about and you will receive valuable tips to start investing in it and upgrade your career.

What is personal marketing?

Personal marketing is a marketing genre focused on developing a consistent strategy for professionals in any sector, to be able to format a positive image and have their work recognized.

This type of marketing consists of actions that we ourselves can take to stand out in the market. And that encompasses our professional life as a whole. Personal marketing must be thought of in all aspects, from the approach and language used to the presentation of our portfolio.

By building an image consistent with your work, you can increase the chances of creating and taking advantage of opportunities to leverage your career. Taking care of your relationship with work and people is a fundamental part of success in the corporate environment.

Why and how to invest in personal marketing?

What you transmit in your work, on your social networks and in your daily life says a lot about you. It is essential to invest in actions such as creating a portfolio, for example, to gather your best work.

Just as it is also very important, to create a good relationship with co-workers, to work in harmony and also as a way to create a good networking to generate future opportunities.

Below, we will give you some tips so that you can invest in personal marketing for little or nothing. Check out:

Take care of your appearance!

Taking care of your appearance is important to give a good image in the job market. And when we say that, we are not saying that you should change your way or do aesthetic treatments to be more beautiful.

What we mean is that you must take care of your hygiene. There is no need to change your style, but adapt it to the market. Today there is not so much prejudice with tattoos, big beards, among other points, the important thing is that you are always well taken care of.

So, take care of your hair, your beard, choose comfortable clothes that are appropriate to the work environment. Thus, you can have a pleasant visual appearance at work and at job interviews and business meetings.

Another important factor is to take care of your mental health. You have to deal with your emotions better, it reflects in your work and can affect your income. It is important to be focused to maintain a good image.

Create a good portfolio!

The portfolio is the gateway for evaluating recruiters and clients (if you are a freelancer). Along with your resume, the portfolio is a very important item to be attached, when we apply for a vacancy or job, or even when we are going to perform at a meeting or event.

The tip is to choose the best website for your job segment. There are several portfolio services on the internet that are optimized for professionals in certain professions. Search and find the best option for your area.

It is also important to be very careful about choosing the jobs you will put in your portfolio. You don’t need to have a lot of jobs, but quality is very important.

Even if you only post three or five jobs, the most important thing is that they are your best, so they can attract more people to your portfolio and generate more opportunities.

Create a professional presentation

In addition to the curriculum and portfolio, you can also create a professional presentation. In this file, the professional can summarize and highlight their main qualifications, cite their main backgrounds and skills.

Professional presentation is very important in meetings and events, where we have little time to present our work. This is an excellent way to take advantage of any and all space to disseminate the work in a consistent manner.

Organization and productivity

Being an organized professional is a basic prerequisite for being productive. Organization is very important in the routine of any professional. This is the best way to keep everything on time, highlighting your priorities and increasing your income.

Having your desk organized, your files and emails well organized is something that catches the attention of our co-workers, superiors and customers. So you can increase the level of credibility in your work.

Having a well-organized and clean work environment is essential to increase your productivity, also contributing to your daily disposition.

As you can see, personal marketing can be implemented in several ways. Many of them are free and depend only on our effort. And the results can be extremely positive for the career. What are you waiting for to start investing in personal marketing?


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