Best WordPress Hosting?

Today I will explain the exact reasons why many technicians consider Siteground the best WordPress hosting and why the latter is so appreciated.

Are you satisfied with your hosting company?
If you are reading what I have to tell you, the answer is probably no.

Don’t worry, I’ve been there too.
I endured the hosting sub-par for too long before I realized that I needed to change the web host.

The good news is that you have completed the first step, realizing that your web host is not performing well and it is time to look for something better.

I will go into detail with the reasons why I decided to move my customers to SiteGround , I will tell you about my exchange experience, and why you should consider the same choice.

Give me 10 minutes of your time and I will explain why you should switch to SiteGround, I will also show you how to move your site from one web host to another.

Here is a list of reasons why I decided to switch to SiteGround.

I will start by explaining the prices and plans (important factors, to evaluate, in my opinion), then I will explain the hosting features such as speed, security and support (which left me speechless), and before finishing I will show you how easy it is to make the switch.

  1. Because SiteGround has excellent reviews.
  2. Because SiteGround is a superior WordPress hosting .
  3. Because SiteGround prices are very reasonable considering the quality of the service.
  4. Because their support is phenomenal.
  5. Because SiteGround makes your site load very quickly.
  6. Because SiteGround has exceptional WordPress tools.
  7. Because SiteGround takes security very seriously.
  8. Why SiteGround can push your online store.
  9. Because SiteGround has an active blog.
  10. Because SiteGround has a solid online activity record.
  11. Why SiteGround transfers your site for free.

Reason # 1: Why do people love SiteGround?

Just like in any business, customer reviews speak for themselves .

Negative reviews are something that companies can’t control. If you have had a bad experience in a shop or restaurant, you can voice your opinion online.

My only problem while researching the bad SiteGround reviews is that I couldn’t find any! I’m not saying that they don’t exist or that SiteGround doesn’t make mistakes but they are so few that it is physiological, therefore not relevant. has a BBB Rating of A and it seems that most customers are happy with its services and happy to have changed.

SiteGroung wants you to be 100% satisfied, so much so that you offer a 30-day guarantee. They gave me that extra, that peace of mind, knowing that I could try it and if I didn’t like it, I would have had my money back.

REASON 2: Why SiteGround is a superior WordPress hosting.

SiteGround offers a range of services such as hosting sharing, hosting resale, cloud hosting, dedicated servers and corporate hosting.

But here I will focus only on hosting sharing services which are perfect for WordPress sites. SiteGround has three different hosting plans based on the size, traffic and needs of your site.

Right now, no other web hosting company would be able to beat SiteGround, especially because it is within everyone’s reach.

Yes, it’s a strong statement, I know, but it’s my honest opinion based on my personal experience.

SiteGround’s STARTUP plan.

The Startup plan is the “entry level” and is a good choice if you are creating a new website or maybe you have a blog, company or personal website.

The Startup plan is great for anyone who wants less than 10,000 unique visits per month to their site. once you start exceeding 10,000 visits on a regular basis, I suggest that you move upstairs to “GrowBig”.

The Startup plan costs only $ 3.95 per month for the first year.

  • Host for just one website.
  • 10000 monthly visits.
  • 10 GB of space.
  • SDD storage.
  • Free installation and transfer.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Network productivity 99.9% guaranteed.
  • 24/7 technical support.
  • Unlimited bandwidth, email and database.
  • SSL and http / 2 free.
  • Free daily backups.
  • CloudFlare CDN free.
  • SuperCacher static cache only.
  • PHP7 + OpCache.
  • WordPress and Joomla tools.
  • cPanel and SSH access.

The Startup level is quite good for those who have just started, but have some shortcomings.

It lacks server resources, web storage space, priority support and is not provided with the useful backup restore tool (FYI still gets 1 daily site backup).

Another thing you need to be aware of is that you can only have one site with this hosting plan.

In short, it’s a good plan, but it only works with smaller sites.

SiteGround’s GROWBIG plan.

GrowBig is the perfect hosting plan if you need more resources and some premium features, in addition to the essential features you get from the StartUp plan.

The GrowBig plan includes up to 25,000 unique monthly visits. If you want 20gb of spaio and you want to have an unlimited number of sites, well this is the plan for you.

GrowBig offers the same standard features as StartUp that is: free website migration and WordPress site installation, 30-day money-back guarantee, 24/7 technical support, Cloudflare free CDN, unlimited email and database, SSD storage , free configuration and transfer, HTTP / 2 and PHP7 enabled servers, advanced access to cPanel and SSH and free daily backups.

And in addition to the standard features, you receive the WordPress chaching system, premimum support, daily backups, access to the backup site and the restore service. Your first year with the Wildcard SSL certificate is also included for free.

The GrowBig plan starts at $ 5.95 per month.

  • Host unlimited websites.
  • ~ 25,000 monthly visits.
  • 20 GB of web space.
  • All essential + premium features.
  • Dynamic caching and SuperCacher memcache.
  • 30 daily backups.
  • Priority support.
  • SSD storage.
  • Wildcard SSL certificate.
  • Backup and restore service.
  • 2x server resources.
  • 2 database resources.
  • 2 email resources.

GrowBig is the plan I suggest you start with. It gives you hosting multiple websites, you get more server resources (resulting in faster loading of the site) and you get double the space, more priority, support, backup and recovery service. Plus you get me server resources compared to the StartUp plan, which means you get faster site loading.

SiteGround’s GOGEED plan.

The GoGeek plan is the best provided for heavily visited sites, for e-commerce or for sites with large searches; where you need not only premium features but something more.

The GoGeel plan manages up to 100,000 visits per month. If you want you can use this plan for all your heavily trafficked sites with a 30gb web space account. The plan costs $ 11.95 per month.

Of course, with this plan you have all the benefits of the StartUp and GrowBig plans, and in addition things like one-click WordPress staging, SG-Git for WordPress repo creation, premium backup and restore services, free PCI compliance and Git pre-installed. You also get 4 times more server resources than the StartUp plan.

The GoGeek plan costs $ 11.95 per month.

  • Host unlimited websites.
  • 100,000 monthly visits.
  • 30 GB of web space.
  • All essential and premium + geeky features.
  • Dynamic caching and SuperCacher cemcaching.
  • 1 click on WordPress staging.
  • SG-Git for creating repositories.
  • Git pre-installed.
  • Free PCI compliance.
  • Premium backup and restoration service.
  • 4x server resources.
  • 4 database resources.
  • 4 email resources.

The GoGeek plan is for heavily visited sites or for sites with intensive resources and is equipped with servers four times faster than the average. This plan includes “geeky” features such as site staging (to test websites before launch), pre-installed integration of Git, WP-CLI and Drush and includes 1 year of free Wildcard SSL certification and PCI compliance for credit card fraud protection.

Reason # 3: Because SiteGround prices are very reasonable.

Is SiteGround the cheapest WordPress web hosting service on the market? No probably not.

However, it starts at just $ 3.95 a month, which is pretty cheap anyway. You will not find cheaper figure anywhere else.

Also because hosting websites is not something you can save on. If you choose the cheapest service you find online, you will end up with the poorest quality.

SiteGround, on the other hand, offers you what you pay for.

You won’t find many other companies that will make you pay less, and surely you won’t find anyone who is faster, safer or has better attention to the customer and the price.

I’ve already told you so many things, so at this point it would already be a bargain.

Reason # 4: Why SiteGround support is phenomenal.

Let’s face it, the time will come when you need help from customer support.

I have never had any problems with my service, but I had a few questions to ask them and I wanted to try their 24 hour service.

You have the option of chatting online or talking on the phone with an agent, I decided to try live chat. The response was instantaneous. Most technical support takes 10-15 minutes or even longer before an answer is received.

SiteGround offers the fastest support in the web hosting industry.

SiteGround takes this step forward and hires a lot of support staff to make sure you never have to wait.

Since they only offer web hosting services, their staff is experienced and capable of answering your questions. Unlike other hosts like Godaddy or EIG, brands like Bluehost and HostGator, which offer so much low quality and their staff can’t keep up.

SiteGround customer support solves any problem you have … and also quickly.

As soon as you are connected with an agent, you will know his name and you will be able to see a picture of him. You will also see a 5-star rating scale and the number of questions they answered.

My agent’s explanations and instructions were simple to follow and very helpful. It was one of the best support chats I’ve ever asked for information.

Reason # 5: Why SiteGround loads your site extremely fast.

Everyone knows that having a site that loads quickly is extremely important, and for me this was a decision factor.

Regardless of which hosting plan you choose, SiteGround has superior speed technology. However the GrowBig plan includes approximately two more resources, while the GoGeek four plan.

SiteGround also provides you with an SSD drive which, compared to regular drivers, increases your input and output operations by 1000 times. They also use NGINX servers and the latest PHP7 versions to increase the speed of all static content.

All plans have HTTP / 2 enabled servers and a free SSL certificate.

{The startup plan is provided free of charge by encrypting the SSL certificates and the GrowBig and GoGeek plans are provided with a premium Wildcard SSL certificate.

Their SuperCacher is a WordPress caching plug-in that increases the speed of your WordPress website. The StartUp plan comes with static caching only and the GrowBig and GoGeek plans have dynamic cache and memcache.

SiteGround also allows you to enable Google’s Google PageSpeed ​​module with a single click. Optimize file size and make your web page very fast. However, the Google PageSpeed ​​module cannot be used in conjunction with static and dynamic cache options.}

When you sign up for SiteGround you can choose one of the five data collection centers (Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Milan and Singapore) where you want your site to be hosted.

You will need to choose a server location closest to where your visitors are. Selecting a server location in combination with their free Cloudflare CDN ensures that your site’s content is loaded quickly for visitors from all over the world.

One of the main reasons your current web host is running slowly is because they have too many websites hosted on the same server (also known as an overselling server). Hosts like Godaddy, HostGator or Bluehost care more about sales and less about the actual performance of your website.


Once you switch to SiteGround, you will immediately notice a huge difference in the speed of the loading time. I did it, look at this!

Byte Check is a tool that measures time to the first byte (TTFB). It is a measure of the responsiveness of a web server. Basically it is the time it takes for your browser to start receiving information after requesting it from the server.

My home page’s time for the first byte went from 2.3 seconds to 0.2 seconds after migrating to SiteGround.

Using GTmetrix the loading time of my homepage went from 6.9 seconds to 1.6 seconds after I moved my site to SiteGround. It’s a huge load time of 5.3 seconds!

The loading speed of my home page with Pingdom went from 4.96 seconds to 581 milliseconds after switching to SiteGround. This is truly amazing!

“Bending speed, Mr. Sulu. Destination: a fast loading site! “

Reason # 6: Because SiteGround has fantastic WordPress tools.

Did you know that SiteGround is officially approved by (the same goes for Bluehost)? According to SiteGround is one of the best WordPress hosting providers to sign up with.

SiteGround offers managed WordPress hosting on all plans, i.e. things like installing WordPress, site transfers and backing up your site, are all included in all plans.

SiteGround also manages the WordPress security of your site by performing maintenance at the server level and also automatically updates WordPress and its plug-ins to correct common security holes.

A couple of fantastic WordPress tools are the SuperCacher plug-in (included in all plans) and WordPress staging (included only in the GoGeek plan).


The StartUp plan is provided only with static caching and the GrowBig and GoGeek plans are equipped with static, dynamic and memcache caching.

Because I’m on the GrowBig plan I get both the static + dynamic + memcache caching tool. Here’s how to enable the dynamic caching tool:

First log into your SiteGround cPanel and click on the SuperCacher button. Next, you need to download the plug-in and finally, you need to activate the caching service.

The beauty of SuperCacher is that it improves the site’s speed performance and it’s very easy to get started and set up.

If you’ve used other caching plug-ins like WP Super Cache, WP Rocket, W3 Total Cache or WP Fastest Cache, then you know how complicated it can be to configure the plug-in settings correctly.

I have used all 5 plug-ins and each has its pros and cons. If you don’t use a caching plug-in, then I recommend SuperCacher because it’s the easiest to set up for absolute beginners (however WP Fastest Cache isn’t far behind).


The one-click WordPress staging environment is only offered by SiteGround’s GoGeek plan (since I’m on the GrowBig plan, I haven’t used this and can’t give you my opinion).

One-click WordPress staging lets you do a few things. It allows you to manage development copies of your WordPress websites. Because you don’t want to experiment or develop a new feature on your live website (then your visitors will see it).

You can also use it to clone and move a WordPress website to another location. For those of you who have manually moved sites between domains, you know that this can be a problem in the non-sun-non-shine process.

SiteGround eliminates these time-consuming steps so you can clone WordPress websites in seconds. The clone feature is especially useful if you make a mistake, such as installing WordPress in the wrong domain. If you manage multiple sites, you should consider getting the GoGeek plan just to get access to the staging feature of this website.

It looks pretty simple to use. Within the SiteGround dashboard, you can access all your WordPress websites in one place. I know that other web hosts require third party programs with additional costs for a feature like this.

Reason # 7: Why SiteGround takes security seriously.

Whether you run a personal blog, a corporate website or an e-commerce site, security is extremely important. Security is one of the most important aspects of web hosting and should be a deciding factor for you when you sign up for a web hosting service.

Again, SiteGround doesn’t disappoint.

By default, all SiteGround servers use the latest version of PHP 7, with the latest security fixes. They are running Apache in a chroot environment with suExec. DDOS protection is integrated into both a hardware firewall and an iptables-based software firewall with more complex functions and traffic monitoring

They also use sophisticated IDS / IPS systems that block bots and malicious hackers. ModSecurity is installed on all shared servers and the security rules are updated weekly, which protects you from the most common attacks.

Another thing that is unique to SiteGround is their CHROOT account isolation technology. It means that no single account can influence other accounts and this was one of the first technological innovations that SiteGround introduced in 2008.

SiteGround offers free daily backup copies (one backup per day on the startup plan) of the website and a website backup and restore service (only on the GrowBig and GoGeek plans).

As mentioned above and when it comes to WordPress. SiteGround will perform automatic core updates of your WordPress site and its plugins to patch common security holes.

Reason # 8: Why SiteGRound can grow your e-commerce.

If you are looking for an e-commerce hosting solution that can feed your online store, SiteGround can feed your online store’s cart.

SiteGround will install (for free) a range of e-commerce software for you, such as Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart and WooCommerce. As I said before, you can choose from multiple server locations around the world, get free SSL and CDN and SuperCacher caching will make your e-commerce site safe and fast.

All three shared hosting plans can power your online store (however the entry-level StartUp plan isn’t ideal for hosting e-commerce sites and you should probably consider using the GoGeek plan).

Here is a brief rundown of what SiteGround e-commerce hosting offers:


Let’s Encrypt SSL provides free certificates for transport layer security encryptions through an automated system. Automation eliminates time consuming and the complicated process of renewing, validating, signing and manually installing certificates of protected sites.

Encryption is essential for customers who put confidential information on your website for your e-commerce business. Get Let’s Encrypt SSL for free with all SiteGround plans.


Wildcard SSL is a step forward for Let’s Encrypt SSL. Your first year of Wildcard SSL is free with your GrowBig or GoGeek plan from SiteGround.

It allows you to protect your website and all subdomains with a seal to show on the site. The free SSL wildcard is another great tool for websites that sell products online.


PCI stands for Payment Card Industry. PCI Compliance protects cardholder data by maintaining a secure network for all cards, preventing fraud and other security breaches. They maintain a vulnerability management program and information security policy by regularly monitoring and testing their networks.

PCI compliance is included only with SiteGround’s GoGeek plan.


SiteGround supports all major shopping carts and if your website uses one of the most popular online shopping solutions, it is supported by all SiteGround plans.

The transfer of eshop is free and the installation of the cart is free with the StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek plans. Get free PrestaShop, as well as installing Magento 2 or transferring the site to SiteGround. If you prefer WordPress. The WooCommerce + Storefront theme is pre-installed for free.

Reason # 9: Why SiteGround has an active blog.

Have you checked the SiteGround blog? They publish content on their blog on a regular basis, and the quality of the articles provides relevant, useful and informative information, making it a great read overall.

But why should an active blog be a deciding factor when choosing SiteGround as the next host? Because the blog shows what kind of company SiteGround is.

Furthermore, and above all, it keeps you updated on features and updates (such as security updates) that you may not know, such as how to install PHP 7.0 on WordPress.

The comments section of each blog is also very active. SiteGround users ask questions, provide additional information, and create a dialog between the author and other users in the SiteGround community.

Reason # 10: Why SiteGround has a usual uptime record.

Having your website go down and down over a period of time is not only annoying – it can also be expensive. If you sell stuff online you lose sales, and if your site has been inactive for a certain period of time it can also damage Google’s rankings.

SiteGround has superior uptime technology which is actually 99.99%. As mentioned above, they use Linux containers, proactive server monitoring, secure account isolation, etc. To make sure that their servers are active and, consequently, the site is active and online.

Other web hosts “guarantee” 99.99% uptime but fail to deliver. Not SiteGround. My SiteGround server hasn’t been interrupted since I set up monitoring.

Reason # 11: Why SiteGround transfers your site for free.

Maybe you’re ready to try SiteGround? Because the cheap price, the extraordinary features, the support, the uptime and the fast and secure servers have convinced you.

But what about your existing website? If you are not an expert developer, you probably feel a little unable (and intimidated) to transfer your website to SiteGround.

So you need to take advantage of SiteGround’s free website transfer service.

This service applies not only to WordPress sites, but also to other CMS platforms such as Joomla and Drupal and, of course, to single websites and static HTML websites.

Transfer services include:

  • Free website transfer, regardless of size.
  • Transfer completed within 24-48 hours.
  • Transfer of e-mails, FTP accounts, addon domains to an account managed with cPanel (eg Bluehost, HostGator, Godaddy – 99% of web hosts use cPanel).

Transfer services do not include:

  • Transfer of your domain name.
  • Transfer of e-mails, FTP accounts, addon domains for an account not managed with cPanel.
  • Transfer and installation of SSL certificates purchased with the previous web host.

If you are concerned about potential downtime and file loss, then we assure you that your website will start flawlessly working on SiteGround. No one second of downtime will occur and no website files will be lost. Since SiteGround handles over 3,000 site migration requests each month, they have found and resolved (almost) any possible problems that may occur during the transfer of a website.

For example, sometimes direct cPanel transfers can also be complicated by web hosts that use specific file structures or by WordPress web hosts that use custom rules in the wp-config.php file.

SiteGround will always manually switch to user accounts from hosts who do so and correct several things so that your website can start working flawlessly and instantly on SiteGround’s server infrastructure.

So how do you transfer your WordPress site (e.g. from Bluehost, HostGator or GoDaddy) to SiteGround?

Scroll down to the “Website Setup Assistant” section. You will have options to build a new website using their site building tools or to transfer an existing website.

Fill in the website migration form and wait for SiteGround to be returned to you. Don’t be surprised if you reply from the SiteGround site migration team in minutes. The team is very helpful.

You will be surprised to know that the process of transferring your WordPress site to SiteGround is completed in just 24-48 hours.


To be honest today for the experience I had with Siteground I consider it the best WordPress hosting .

Remember that migration using your existing website on SiteGround is completely free .

Once you move on, you will have several options to choose the best plan that suits your WordPress hosting needs.

With the StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek plans, SiteGround guarantees compliance with your specific requirements and requirements.

You will also have a lot of industry-leading and free features that I have described above.

SiteGround is perfect for WordPress websites that have e-commerce businesses of any size and security features to protect you and your site visitors.

In case you have problems, troubleshooting or questions with your services, SiteGround’s 24/7 friendly support team is at your disposal to guide you in every step with a quick resolution.

Now that you have identified your current web host, there are no suitable and sought alternatives, it is time to move to SiteGround, just like I did.

I add and close with one thing, even if personally, for at the time of writing this article I am NOT using SiteGround as Hosting, because I am experimenting with a different hosting solution, SiteGround for me is the solution I use for all new customers for its very high level of reliability.

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