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Our old-fashioned teachers complained that we rely heavily on calculators when solving math problems ; They even claimed that not in all cases we could have one in our pocket. However, what many thought was not going to come, did; and all thanks to technological evolution. And it is that on our phones we can have different scientific calculator apps for Android.

In addition to using our mobile to communicate, to take photos, in short … for many other things. Now our device will work as a calculator, with the appropriate apps. It should be noted that although the Google Play Store app offers you many options, all mobile phones have a calculator application incorporated by default.

Therefore, if what you need is to have a scientific calculator to perform more complicated calculations, in this post we will show you different scientific calculator apps for Android.

Different Apps of scientific calculators for Android

Calculator ++

This app brings extra functions and is launched in 2 ways, like a floating or normal calculator. In addition, it has 2 modes: scientific and simple. In scientific mode the number keys can be enabled for other functions, such as cosines, tangents, and sines.


An interesting detail that scientific calculator applications present is that they are totally different from traditional calculators; so it can be a bit difficult to find the buttons for the function you need. But, Wabitemu is an emulator of a scientific calculator. Although this emulation gives you the results a bit slow; This may seem cumbersome if you want to do a lot of operations.

Hyper Scientific Calculator

This app is an alternative to Wabitemu, it is similar to a physical scientific calculator; but you can have this emulation on your mobile. And unlike Wabitemu, this one has a faster response and you will be able to perform many operations.

At first glance this app is usually very similar to a traditional calculator. However, its interface is adaptable to the sizes of Android screens; In addition, you can hide the graphical representation of the results and a unit converter between the buttons .

The most outstanding scientific calculator apps for Android


Although this app at first glance appears to be a simple calculator , you can nevertheless swipe to the right to bring up the scientific mode. Also, an advantage of this application is that it is free and does not contain advertising.

On the other hand, EzCalculator contains a mathematical calculator with scientific and regular functions , to carry out operations with decimal numbers, with percentage and to carry out fractions; it also has a unit converter.

Wolfram Alpha

This scientific calculator application allows you to solve problems on scientific topics, such as trigonometry, data analysis and statistics ; Furthermore, this calculator allows you to solve physics and chemistry problems , generating solutions to engineering questions.

It should be noted that this app is free and is an excellent solution for students of physics, chemistry or pure mathematics. Wolfram Alpha can display statistics and graphs for different problems.

Match 42

This scientific calculator application highlights a wide variety of operations, in it you can solve problems and equations. In addition, this app includes a learning method and an explanation of solutions.

One of the most incredible scientific calculator apps for Android

MyScript Calculator

With this incredible scientific calculator app, you will be able to solve different mathematical operations as if you were solving them on paper. And it is that a peculiarity that it offers is that you can write by hand the operations you want to solve on your mobile.

For this, you will have to write the calculations and numbers on the screen of your phone ; in this way, MyScript will be in charge of reading, interpreting and solving mathematical problems. If for some reason you make a mistake when writing the numbers, you can erase them by hand. This app is available for Android and iOS devices.

Now that you know some of the virtual scientific calculators that you can use; We hope that some of these app will be to your liking and you can download it, so that you can begin to perform exact scientific calculations and operations . Don’t forget to leave us your comment and share this information!


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