How to change the username ID of my PSN account

It is normal to commit actions that we later regret . This happens a lot in life but it also happens with our networks and emails. Since it is very common to have an account that we later regret having created.

Who has not happened that an email or any account has been created and has used a nickname of which they are later ashamed? It is very normal that this has happened to more than one, since as children we usually create accounts with somewhat infantile names and later, when we grow up and realize it, there is no way to modify the name.

This also happens in the Playstation Network accounts , where those who had a ps3 when they were very young created an account with a somewhat childish name and now they regret it and would like to change it. If this is your case we have good news for you, since Playstation has allowed the possibility of changing the user name of PSN accounts.

If you’ve always wanted to change the username ID of your PSN account, now you can. In the following article we will explain how to do it, the steps you must follow to achieve it and the advantages or disadvantages that this can entail.

How to change my ID on PSN

All PS4 users can change their username as many times as they like; however, only the first change is free. The others have a value of 9.99 euros, but if you are a Playstation plus user you will have a 50% discount, so you will have to pay 4.99 euros. You can change your username from your PS4 or from PC. The procedure is very simple and does not take more than 5 minutes.

How to change my online ID from my PS4?

In order to change the PSN username from your PS4 you must access the settings and there select the Account Information option. While there you will have to press on profile and later on online ID.

The next thing you should do is write your new ID, taking into account that it is not available. Instructions will appear that you must follow in order to complete the ID change process.

Finally, once you have completed the previous steps and the ID change has been made successfully, the session will be closed from all devices and you will have to log in again.

How to change my online ID from a web browser?

You can also carry out this change from a computer. The first thing you should do is go to the official Sony account manager site . Once you log in you must select the option called PSN Profile located in the options sidebar.

You must select the option to edit ID online and you will see that you will get a series of warnings from Sony. After accepting you can proceed to enter the new username. You must verify that the user is available and confirm to make the change.

How will my friends find my new ID?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions and one that generates more confusion among users, but when your friends enter your new ID they will be able to see your old username to confirm that it is you.

This will last 30 days and after this period, the new username will be appreciated. You must select this option in the settings during the process so that your old name is reflected. If you don’t, only your new username will be shown.

Advantages and disadvantages

Really the only advantage you can get with this is that other users identify you more easily and that you stop having a username that previously embarrassed you.

However, there is a considerable disadvantage to take into account and that is that only video games released as of April 18, 2018 are programmed to assimilate the change in the username.

On the other hand, all games whose launch date was before April 18, 2018 could present failures if you change your username . In the same way you can present loss of progress and trophies.


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