The best PC gaming platforms

f you are looking for a PC gaming platform to play video games like Fortnite or Minecraft, then we will show you which are the best.

Today there are various video game platforms that allow us to obtain those entertaining titles that we so desire. On Android mobile devices we find the Google Play Store , on iPhone or iPad we have the recent Apple Arcade , on PlayStation the games are available via PlayStation Store and on Xbox through the Microsoft Store ; but where do we buy computer games? Below we will show you some of the best PC gaming platforms .


Without a doubt, Steam is one of the most popular and recognized gaming platforms in the world . Launched on September 11, 2003 and developed by the Valve company (creator of the legendary Half-Life and the famous Counter Strike ), originally it sought to offer only updates to its games. However, little by little, Steam evolved to become the platform we know today, which not only allows you to buy all kinds of games, whether they are independent or triple A, but you can also get different types of software from through it (although the catalog is very scarce).

In turn, Steam is considered a community, since we can interact with other players through groups, have friends lists, save games in the cloud, among other interesting functions. Currently, the platform is the leading company in the sale of PC games, the one with the largest catalog (in 2018 it reached the figure of approximately 9250 games) and the one with the largest number of players, breaking the record in 2017 of more than 17 million users playing simultaneously .

Registering on Steam is extremely simple and free, to do so you must access its official website through this link .


The powerful developer Electronic Arts decided to compete in the market for the sale of video games for PC and launched, in mid-2011, the Origin platform , which was initially known first as “EA Download Manager” and later as “EA Downloader” .

In Origin we can acquire the main Electronics Arts games such as those that make up the Battlefield saga , Need For Speed , The Sims and FIFA . In addition, we can currently find some games developed by independent studios.

Although registration is completely free and we can buy the games independently, at Origin we will have different plans, each with its own benefits. On the one hand, there is Origin Access Premier , a service that costs $ 14.99 a month or 99.99 a year and will give us the possibility of early access to new EA games as well as additional content, a discount of 10 % in the purchase of the games and the option to play for free to a huge catalog of video games including titles such as Battlefield V , Burnout Paradise Remastered and Need For Speed ​​Payback .

On the other hand, if we do not want to spend a lot of money, we can hire Origin Access Basic , a plan that costs $ 4.99 a month or 29.99 a year and offers us early access to 10-hour games and a catalog of 229 free titles . As with the premium service, with the basic pack we will have a 10% discount on the purchase of any video game on the platform.


Ubisoft did not want to be left behind and, in 2012, launched Uplay , its own PC gaming platform. Despite having numerous technical errors, it is worth using this platform since we will find popular titles from the developer such as those from the Assassin’s Creed franchise or those that make up the Tom Clancy saga .

To learn more about Uplay, go to its official website .

Epic Games Store

Epic Games , known for having created the famous graphic engine Unreal Engine and for having given birth to the popular Fortnite (which you can learn to download here ), launched at the end of 2018 the Epic Games Store , its own PC gaming platform that seeks dethrone Steam as the best option to get video games quickly, easily and legally.

Within the catalog we find important titles such as the Batman Arkham saga , Unreal Tournament , the new Borderlands 3 and a huge number of indie games , that is, works created by independent studios.


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