Best Mouse Settings – DPI, Acceleration, Sensitivity

The mouse is the primary controller in FPS games like  Valorant . Your performance in the game depends on this, so it is worth making sure that it is configured correctly. When adjusting mouse sensitivity, you should generally follow your preferences. This page of the Valorant game  guide describes how to set up your mouse and select the appropriate DPI – the sensitivity factor of the mouse, and how to check its accuracy.

Mouse sensitivity

Mouse sensitivity determines how your character reacts to mouse movement. When setting the appropriate sensitivity, keep in mind the fact that if this value is too low, you will not be able to rotate the camera in order to respond appropriately to the changing situation on the map. Rotating the character 360 degrees will require hovering the mouse pointer over the panel several times, which will greatly complicate the gameplay and further strain the wrist.

On the other hand, when the sensitivity is too high, even a small mouse movement will cause the crosshair to move at a crazy pace, effectively preventing correct aiming. It’s worth taking some time to find the perfect balance between movement speed and accuracy.

What is DPI

The modern mouse, unlike its old mechanical counterparts, is a highly sophisticated device with extremely sensitive laser or optical sensors. Whether you’re using a wired laser or wireless optical mouse, it’s worth knowing what DPI is and what it does. DPI (dots per inch) is the mouse resolution, measured in dots per inch. The DPI value determines the distance the cursor can travel on the screen after moving the mouse one inch (about 2.54 cm). There are 200-16000 DPI mice on the market, but don’t be fooled by sellers who say: The higher the DPI, the better the mouse. DPI should be selected individually – some players may find it inconvenient to use a mouse with a low DPI, such as 500,

It should also be noted here that the DPI value is equivalent to mouse sensitivity and can be changed directly from the game menu. In the screenshot above, you can see the mouse sensitivity setting in  Valorant . In this case, the mouse sensitivity is set to 0.5.

What is mouse acceleration

Acceleration determines the path traversed by the cursor on the screen, depending on the speed of the mouse movement. In practice, when the accelerator is off, the mouse cursor on the screen will move exactly the same distance as the mouse on the keyboard. For example, if you move the mouse about 20 cm, the cursor on the screen will also move the same distance. With acceleration enabled, the distance traveled by the cursor on the screen depends on how fast you move the mouse.

For example, if you move the mouse aforementioned 20 cm, but very slowly, the cursor on the screen will span a much shorter distance. In turn, if you do the same very quickly, the cursor on the screen will move a few more centimeters. For this reason, acceleration in FPS games like  Valorant is  undesirable as it limits movement accuracy. With the right mouse settings and the accelerator turned off, you can immediately target any target on the screen based on your agility and reflexes. With accelerator enabled, you must move your mouse cursor below a certain speed threshold to achieve satisfactory accuracy. You can turn off mouse acceleration in Windows in a few simple steps:

  1. Go to start menu and start writing mouse and go to mouse properties or go to control panel and go to mouse;
  2. Select the Advanced Mouse Options tab;
  3. In the new window go to Pointer Options;
  4. Select Increase Pointer Precision.

How to properly adjust mouse sensitivity in Valorant

To adjust the sensitivity of your mouse, go to the Valorant Training Map   – Shooting Range. The shooting range is open to all players from the very beginning. In  Valorant,  there is no need to download additional maps and mods like in  CS GO . To enable the shooting range training map, simply click the Training tab in the upper right corner of the screen in the main game lobby. Then select the accuracy test and go to the gameplay.

After entering the shooting range, you will find yourself in the location shown in the image above. Go to the shopping menu (default B on your keyboard) and choose the right weapon – your best bet is to choose one that can kill the target with a single headshot, such as Vandal . When you’re ready, clear the box next to the START sign on the main console and get ready to test. After a while, bots will appear in the area in front of you. You have to eliminate them to earn points – the maximum score you can get is 30 points. After firing, immediately return to the center of the map (the pillar shown in the screenshot above) before moving your hand towards the next target.

If, after moving your wrist, the crosshair stops right in front of the target, you need to increase the mouse sensitivity (shoot at one of the squares on the green field or change it in the game settings). On the other hand, if the target is far behind the target, the mouse sensitivity should be reduced (shoot at one of the squares in the red field or change it in the game settings). After each setting change, do another test to see how it works. An example of a  Valorant  mouse sensitivity  test  can be seen in the video below – the following settings were used to perform the test: mouse sensitivity 0.5, DPI 1200.

During the shooting range test in  Valorant  try to destroy the target as possible using  a smaller number of bullets – ideally one shot to the head, but if you shoot two bullets, nothing will happen. Just remember to return to the center of the map every time before killing your next target.

I have set the mouse sensitivity – what next?

If you’ve successfully passed the Valorant shooting test  , you’re probably at home with a gun in  hand,  and it’s time to jump into the real game and test your skills against real opponents. But remember a few important things that will allow you to perform well and become an MVP.

  1. After you set your mouse sensitivity, play around with these settings for a few hours to see if the results are satisfactory.
  2. If you get the correct settings, do not change them! Playing with the same settings will allow you to develop your muscle memory and you will perform several movements intuitively. When you change your settings, you will see a significant degradation in your performance;
  3. Do not copy the Pro-Player settings. The settings they give may be fine, but usually just for them, because they’ve played them for hundreds of hours.


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