Best Minecraft mods In 2021

These Minecraft mods from 2021 are revolutionizing the way everyone plays. We bring you the best Minecraft mods before summer update 1.17

Microsoft Mojang

While we await the arrival of Caves & Cliffs and update 1.17, mods are the best way to modify the game experience. These Minecraft mods from 2021 are revolutionizing the way you play the Mojang title, and then we will tell you what they are.

Best Minecraft mods of 2021

If you already know everything about Cement in Minecraft: Crafting Guide to do it fast and Minecraft Classic Online: How to play it right now , today we bring you the best Minecraft mods of 2021. The best for you to modify your game experience while you wait for both Minecraft 1.17 phases .

Microsoft Mojang


It is a mod that allows you to manage Minecraft’s performance at incredible levels. Decide on the depth of the rendering , modify the light effects, play with the level of detail of each biome and configure the fog to your liking among many other options to maximize the possibilities of your team.

Biomes O’Plenty

The perfect tool to work with the mod above. It includes 50 unique biomes full of elements such as plants, trees and flowers that give personality to all the settings of your worlds in Minecraft.

Rail Craft

Nothing like mixing nature and technology with this powerful mod that triggers the railway possibilities of any train lover . New tracks and management possibilities to create your own Minecraft railway network .

More cool 2021 mods for Minecraft

Thermal Expansion 4

Latest version of the famous mod that helps you automate your industrial processes and markets. Become the tycoon of livestock , agriculture and mining with a whole universe of possibilities.


From Anne Rice to Bram Stocker to Twilight, this mod will make you happy if you like the vampire universe . Face the creatures of the night armed with a stake or ambush the vampire hunters to drink their precious life liquid. Buffy Summers’ favorite mod.


Become an industrial druid with this very curious mod for Minecraft. You will be able to infuse magic inside your own mechanisms thanks to the use of plants and flowers in the process. A really interesting mod .


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