30 Examples of Adverbs of Order

The adverbs of order are those that are used to indicate the order in which the events occur. For example: You must first shake the container. 

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Examples of adverbs of order

alternatively soon second
previously later successively
before Firstly third
later First lately
Finally respectively latest
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Sentences with adverbs of order

  1. First of all , you must take the pill.
  2. Previously you complete the form.
  3. In the end , the movie turned out to be very entertaining.
  4. First , you have to beat the eggs.
  5. After going to the movies we could go to dinner.
  6. First of all , I would like to know their names and why they came here.
  7. I don’t want us to get to the show last .
  8. Later , I will show you Miró’s paintings.
  9. We first listen to my favorite band.
  10. The bands were playing alternately .
  11. Then we should call her on the phone.
  12. We are entering the final stages of the project.
  13. Finally , I wanted to tell you that the next class we will see a documentary.
  14. After studying so much I will go for a run.
  15. At first the book is kind of boring.
  16. Following the wedding, my parents went to Paris.
  17. The letter was signed by the party’s president and vice president, Juan García and Ramón Estébanez, respectively .
  18. Second , you must restart the computer.
  19. My older brother came third in the marathon.
  20. They played three songs in succession .
  21. By Finally, we want to thank you all for coming.
  22. I’d try to make peace with your brother first.
  23. You have been very distracted and late lately .
  24. Second , we will write down those who belong to the group of the night.
  25. Later we will start the ceremony.


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