Best Kidney Foods

Our diet influences the proper functioning of our body and organs, so we will tell you what are the best foods for the kidneys and how they work.

Best Kidney Foods


This food helps fight urinary infections, kidney stones and other diseases such as cystitis.

It is very useful, since, in cases of kidney stones, its consumption helps to wear away the stones that form in the kidneys to make it easier to expel them.

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It is a fruit rich in water, so it is the best ally to prevent diseases of the urinary tract since it stimulates our urine, that is, the expulsion of waste.

Watermelon is also rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that help the body to function properly.


In addition to being a delicious fruit, strawberries help to detoxify, clean and purify the kidneys, its consumption promotes the elimination of waste from our body.

Strawberries are rich in fiber and vitamins, so in addition to favoring our kidneys, in general it is very good for our health.


It has diuretic, depurative and antiseptic properties, effective properties to protect the kidneys, prevents the appearance of kidney stones and fluid retention.

It is a food that helps eliminate toxins from the body, that is, they help these organs not get overloaded.

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Other Tips for Caring for the Health of your Kidneys

  1. Control your cholesterol intake
    2. Reduce salt use
    3. Do not exceed protein intake
    4. Excess alcohol is harmful
    5. Consume fresh and well-washed fruits and vegetables every day
    6. Drink enough water to help to purify your body

What is the Function of the Kidneys in the Body?

The kidneys are two vital organs in our body, they are shaped like a bean and their size is the fist of each person, they are under the ribs on each side of the spine.

These organs are responsible for filtering the blood to remove excess water and waste so that they are then expelled in the urine.

The kidneys are very important in the proper functioning of the body, in addition to eliminating waste, they also eliminate an acid produced by the cells.

In addition, it balances the presence of water, minerals and salts that we have in the blood, if not, the muscles and tissues would not work properly.

It also produces hormones that are involved in the production of red blood cells, in the control of blood pressure and in the maintenance of strong bones.

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