Best group games for Telegram

Telegram is one of the messaging applications with extra interesting features that go beyond communication. On this platform you can also entertain yourself with your friends or family, today we show you a selection with the best group games for Telegram.

If there is a versatile application in terms of content tools that go far beyond communication, that is Telegram . In case you didn’t know, on this platform you can play with your friends through groups. This is thanks to the game bots . In Telegram there are countless game bots. If you want to start playing the best group games for Telegram now, we leave you an interesting selection. Remember that you only have to look for the name of the bot that we give you in the search engine that you have at the top of the chat list.

We started the selection with the best group games for Telegram with the bot @SpyfallBot. In this game you can be a spy or a police officer.   The interesting thing about this game is that you have to ask questions about the features of the secret site. The game ends when everyone accuses one person. The spy wins if everyone thinks he is a policeman and the policemen win if they unmask the spy.

Another very entertaining game is the one you can find in the @dreamersbot bot . Through this bot you can play Dixit, one of the most popular board games . The game consists of guessing who is the person who is killing the citizens of the town. In Telegram it has several game modes: Harry Potter version, No one alive here and a hundred more versions in different languages.

Another of the most popular games is Chat Against Humanity. The player must select what they think is the funniest response to the letter from their friend or contact. To play the bot @Chat_Against_Humanity must be added as a member of the group.


Among the best group games for Telegram, you cannot miss the question games on Telegram. In them, in addition to having fun, you can learn a lot of new things.

The most popular on the platform is Quizarium . In it, the bot asks the participants questions and they must answer as soon as possible. It has an English version and can be found under the name @QuizariumBot.


If you want to continue knowing more games, both individual and in groups, discover game bots for Telegram that we show you below

  • @gamee. This is one of the best gaming bots for Telegram. In it you will find versions of Tube Runner, Color Hit, Motor FX, etc.
  • @s_krap_games_To play Sudoku. Challenge your mind with the math game.
  • @GameBot. To play Math Battles, LumberJack and Corsairs.


If what you want is to play roulette on Telegram there is also another bot where this traditional game hides with which you can play some good games with your friends.

To do this you must search for Inline Games in the search engine or the name of the bot which is @inlinegamesbot . In addition to roulette, in this bot you will find other mythical games such as rock, paper or scissors, chess or connect 4.


Another of the essential games is that of managing property and money, monopoly in Telegram is also available, although like others, it comes under another name.

It is the @bankerbot bot that you can find on the platform. Once you enter it, you just have to press “start” to start being the king of money.


Another of the best group games for Telegram is the UNO card game. We explain how to play UNO on Telegram easily with your contacts.

You just have to open Telegram and search for UNO BOT or @unobot. Then click on “Start” . Then you have to add the bot to the group where you are going to start the game. Then click on “new” to start the game. You can also click on the “Menu” button to quickly access any question in the game.


If you are one of those who love vintage games, you can’t stop playing hangman on Telegram. If you don’t know where to start, we will show you how to play hangman on Telegram in a few simple steps.

To play hangman you just have to open Telegram and look for The Hangman Game in the upper box of the chat list . Then click on start to start a new game. Remember that you will have to guess the word by writing letters.


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