Best erotic mods for Atomic Heart

The most popular 18+ category modifications that expose Twins and other robot games

The shooter Atomic Heart, which tells an alternative history of the USSR, won the hearts of many gamers not only with the plot or gameplay, but also with bewitching twin robots. The characters impressed gamers so much that the community immediately began to scribble nude mods that turn Left and Right (that’s the name of the two chrome beauties) into even more feminine and sexy girls.

NSFW Nude Twins

This mod replaces the Twins’ metallic bodies with real female ones (undressed, of course!). For obvious reasons, we will cover up all the “important” moments from the screenshots below, but already from them you can judge the quality of the modification and what awaits you when you meet the heroines.

You can download from the link , and to install, just unpack the archive and add all its contents to the \Atomic Heart\AtomicHeart\Content\Paks\~mods\ folder.

The twins can be left completely naked or they can be given bathing suits, which, by the way, were developed before and are presented in one of the mods below.

Tartan Swimsuit Twins

Another modification that makes the Twins more human. Adds the ability to dress robots in bathing suits, as well as replace body parts (torso, arms, legs) with human ones. Contains 4K textures for swimwear.

You can install from the link , and for successful activation, just unzip the files to the \Atomic Heart\AtomicHeart\Content\Paks\~mods\ folder.

Unmasked Twins

A simple modification that allows you to remove the metal masks from the Twins and replace them with real faces.

You can download the modification from the link , and to install it, extract all the files to the \Atomic Heart\AtomicHeart\Content\Paks\ folder.

NSFW Nude Balerina Twins

Adds “certain details” that make the Twins look a little sexier. These very details are perfectly visible in the screenshot below.

You can download the mod from the link , and to install, unzip the contents of the archive to the \AtomicHeart\Content\Paks folder.

Barefoot Twins

She unshoes the Twins, thanks to which their legs begin to look like real, human ones. Nothing special, but worth mentioning.

You can download the mod from the link , and to install, unzip the contents of the archive to the \AtomicHeart\Content\Paks folder. Here you can also add a modification of Barefoot Ballerinas, which is available at the link and adds human legs to ballerinas from the Petrov Theatre.

Other modifications 18+

In fact, there are not so many 18+ category modifications for the game, but I would like to separately mention the following:

  • Atomic Temptations Vol 1 Medical Posters– adds erotic posters of nurses to the game. Somewhere the girls are depicted in underwear, and somewhere there is no clothing at all. Vintage retro posters in pin up style are used. At the time of writing the guide, there were about 36 different posters, while the author promises to add 24 more to the game in the next update. Download here , extract to \AtomicHeart\Content\Paks folder.
  • Girl ass video from STALKER Call of Pripyat– if you translate the name of this mod, its purpose will become clear. Instead of “Well, wait a minute!”, which is shown on all TVs of the Enterprise 3826, the screens display footage of a girl showing her buttocks. The same ones from the game “STALKER: Call of Pripyat”. Download from the link , extract to \AtomicHeart\Content\Paks folder.
  • Tereshex Bots– gives curvaceous female forms to all Tereshkov-type robots that are found in different parts of the game. According to the author, the robot gets a more feminine face, in addition, you can choose the option with or without metal eyebrows (I remind you that these robots do not have eyebrows in the game itself). Download from the link , extract to \AtomicHeart\Content\Paks folder.
  • NSFW Twins LeftRightis a combined mod pack that contains some of the mods listed above. Changes the visual appearance of the Twins. Download from the link , unpack to the \AtomicHeart\Content\Paks folder.
  • Demi Perv bot– replaces all Vovchiks with Demi from the Subverse porn game. The author plans to release several updates that will improve the nipples, add more colors, more detailed dismemberment, and improve animations. Download from the link , extract to \AtomicHeart\Content\Paks folder.


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