Best apps to create concept maps

Organizing our thoughts and projects in a world that moves so dizzyingly fast can be a challenge. That is why more and more people join the trend of mindmapping or mental mapping (creation of concept maps) , a technique that consists of designing a  diagram to represent ideas and concepts based on a central notion.

The  maps or conceptual schemes  are graphical tools that allows you to graphically simplified information and ideas on a given topic. They are normally used by students as support in exhibitions or when studying for exams, mainly because their elaboration encourages reflection, analysis and creativity.


In order to create a concept map that really fulfills its purpose, it is necessary to consider the following:

  • Read the text carefully and try to understand the topic as clearly as possible
  • Identify and separate the most important ideas within the text
  • Find the subtopics of each main idea

Now, so that you can check its benefits, we present the following apps to create mind maps.


Idea Sketch  is an iOS app that allows you to easily draw concept maps, diagrams, diagrams or make flow charts. Furthermore, you can copy text from other applications to create your own diagrams, and share your projects on social networks. Although Idea Sketch is free, it offers a paid version to make unlimited maps.


iMindMap HD  is a mobile application with which you can take notes during your meetings and classes, plan events, create presentations, diagrams and mind maps based on templates. After selecting the layout, you can add graphics and drawings.


Mind Map  is a free and exclusive app for Android. In addition to providing the tools you need to make a basic mind map, it gives you the ability to customize the shape, background, and style.


MindBoard Classic  is available only for Android devices  and is a space to make your sketches and capture your ideas. It offers brushes of various sizes and colors to create a custom concept map, plus you have the option to export it in PDF format.


MindGenius  is the perfect application to take notes in meetings and seminars, create quick to-do lists, create diagrams from the collected information. It also has a PC version that includes notes, design resources, and photos.


MindMeister  will help you organize, prioritize, and even generate new ideas. Once your conceptual outline is complete, you can share it on the web or export it in PDF format. The main advantage of this app is that it offers the possibility of using it offline. On the other hand, although it is free to download, it offers other extra functions in its premium version.


Mindomo  is a free application that offers tools that allow you to translate your thoughts directly into mind maps, turn them into presentations and share them with others. Like MindMeister, it allows you to work on your project offline.

  1. MINDQ

MindQ  is an app with which you can create mind maps, change backgrounds, colors, patterns and text formatting. You can also incorporate links, notes, and images. This application is free, but if you are looking for more options you can request the premium version.


This application is easy to use. It allows you to drag, modify, reorder and edit all the elements that make up a mind map. Documents can be uploaded to the cloud or accessed via Dropbox. SimpleMind +  is free to download, but has a paid version to increase the editing possibilities.


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