best apps for a fun Halloween

The smartphone can also be used for leisure time. Here are the best resources and apps for a witty and fun Halloween.

Although it has not always been part of our tradition (or rather, it has returned to our tradition through the Anglo-Saxon world), Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in Italy. The best halloween apps help us have fun on the scariest day of the year and spend a day full of terror.

We just need to download free applications on our smartphone or tablet to give a twist to the halloween celebrations and to prepare for this anniversary. Among the apps available we find both horror-themed games and photo editing apps to transform our photographs into horror portraits that make our friends scare and entertain.

Halloween Soundboard

The first of the Halloween apps that we can’t do without is called Halloween Soundboard . Available for free on the Google Play Store, this application gives us the ability to play scary sound effects , perfectly in keeping with the halloween party.


To customize our device with halloween wallpapers and scary ringtones we can install the ZEDGE application , compatible with both iOS and Android and downloadable for free in both cases.

Thanks to this app we will have access to a rich database of wallpapers and ringtones , many of which are free, while others are paid to buy directly in-app.

The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself

Another interesting application to make Halloween special is The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself (link for iPhone), an application that offers us the possibility of transforming ourselves into a zombie . This app transforms human faces into zombie faces, allowing us to customize the transformation and amaze friends with this fantastic graphic effect. The Android version is available at this link

Zombies, Run!

On Halloween we can also have fun with themed games. One of them is Zombies, Run! , a free game developed by Six To Start software house . We can install the app at no cost on our device and enjoy most of the functions without having to pay a penny: to fully exploit the potential of the game we can still make in-app purchases.

The peculiarity of this game lies in transforming our daily life into a game . To complete the missions we will have to perform actions in the real world and this will help us have a less sedentary lifestyle.

Halloween Photo Editor – Scary Makeup

Another useful application to edit our halloween style photos is Halloween Photo Editor – Scary Makeup . This app allows us to apply halloween tricks to our photographs and to turn people into ghosts and other halloween monsters.

To further customize the photos we can add frames and stickers to the photos, obviously always in Halloween style. Simple to use, this app has garnered numerous positive customer reviews and is considered one of the best Halloween photo editing apps today .


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