Benefits of lemon juice

Lemon contains a lot of vitamin C. Many people like to eat lemon, but we do not know much about its nutritional value.

Research says lemon juice and khosa are also beneficial for good health. And lemon juice is good for various diseases.

But now the question is how to eat lemonade. Let’s know how to eat lemonade.

১. Lemon khoyas contain vitamin C and citric acid, which prevent multiple diseases, including gingivitis, from bleeding.

2. Citrus biomass is flavonoid in lemon zest, which helps reduce stress.

৩. The lemon peel works very well to enhance the beauty of the skin. Lemon shells contain antioxidants, which release toxins from the skin.

৪. The lemon zest contains salvastrol Q3 and limonens, which destroy cancer cells, reduce the incidence of bacterial and fungal infections.

৫. Regularly eating lemon pepper increases the levels of citric acid in the body. This reduces the risk of kidney stones.

৬. Lemon Khosa contains an ingredient called pectin, which burns body fat.

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