Benefits of Joining the Parenting Community

There is no word to learn to be a mother. Yes Moms, even though you have more than one child, there are many things you need to understand in educating and raising children. Because, every child has different characteristics.

Do not forget also that science continues to develop over time, including knowledge about childcare. Therefore, as a mother, you need to increase your insight around parenting or parenting patterns . One way is to join the community.

Yes, now the parenting community has begun to be popular. Moreover, thanks to advances in technology, you can share stories to knowledge with mothers from various regions and backgrounds in the community.

By joining a parenting community, there are many benefits that you can get, such as:

Be up-to-date with the latest parenting developments

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The pattern of parenting before now is certainly different. Your parents may not need to think about how to make children not addicted to gadgets, or worry about the increasing number of snacks that are less healthy.

Therefore, it is important to join the parenting community so that you can get information and even discuss current parenting topics . So, you can care for children in the right way according to the times.

Support system from other mothers

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As mentioned earlier, you can build connections to make new friends with many other mothers in the parenting community . Starting from sharing experiences in caring for your child, confide in child development, to get inspiration from other mothers!

In addition, by making friendships, you can also get moral support so that you can ease the burden and be more enthusiastic about parenting.

The best education from the experts

Now there is a parenting community that presents experts or figures who are experts in the parenting field . You can discuss and ask questions about parenting with them. That way, you can get new knowledge about your child’s education, child and family psychology, nutrition, health, and more.

Having a discussion room with an expert also allows you to ask questions about problems encountered while caring for children.

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With so many benefits, it doesn’t hurt to join a parenting community . If you’re confused where to start, there’s no need to worry, Moms. You can join the Sahabat Pintar Ibu Community from which is available for mothers all over Indonesia.

In the Community of Friends of Ibu Pintar you also get valid and reliable information about children and families that is packaged in an interesting way. Not to mention, there are many educative discussions that present expert figures in their fields to increase the knowledge of mothers.

How to join it is very easy. You only need to register and fill out your personal data on the Sahabat Ibu Pintar page . Follow Instagram @sahabatibupintar for the latest information and various interesting activities.


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