Benefits of Increasing Boiling Points in Daily Life

The discussion related to the colligative nature of the solution is closely related to the boiling point rise. This is because almost in our daily lives we are aware or not easy to find it. For this reason, the following article discusses the benefits of boiling points.

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  • Boiling Point Increase
  • Benefits of Boiling Point Increase
    • Antifreeze Liquid
    • Molar Mass Measurement
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Boiling Point Increase

Boiling point is a liquid is a temperature or temperature where the vapor pressure of a liquid is equal to the pressure of the surrounding environment. Non-volatile or non-volatile compounds will not experience evaporation because they have very low vapor pressure and are assumed to be zero.

Even when a non-volatile solute is added to a solvent, it will cause the vapor pressure from the solution to drop to be lower than the pure vapor pressure of the solvent. An increase in boiling point also means that more heat is needed to be used to heat a solution to boiling.

Benefits of Boiling Point Increase

The functions that benefit from boiling point increase include;

  1. Cook

In cooking, we certainly use salt as a salty flavor enhancer. But it turns out that in addition to adding to the saltiness, salt also has benefits in increasing the boiling point. When we cook by heating water, of course the water will experience a boiling process when it reaches its boiling point.

When we add salt to the dish, it will increase the boiling point of the water. As a result, water takes longer than usual to boil. This is useful for cooking certain dishes that require a longer and slow heating process or slow cooking so that the water used does not boil first.

  1. Antifreeze Liquid

Ethylene glycol compound is a substance that is often used as an antifreeze liquid in vehicle radiators. Actually this liquid serves to prevent the radiator water from freezing by lowering the freezing point of the solution in the radiator.

But apparently this antifreeze liquid will also raise the boiling point of the solution in the radiator. This will certainly be beneficial for the radiator where an increase in boiling point will prevent the radiator water from boiling.

  1. Molar Mass Measurement

In calculating the increase in boiling point will depend on the amount of solvent and also the molal concentration of dissolved particles. Simply put, an increase in boiling point can be used to determine the molar mass of a solute in the presence of a mole variable in the formula.

For electrolyte solutions such as sodium chloride solution, the compound will dissociate at the time of dissolution. This will become more complex in measuring the molar mass of a substance using boiling points

Although currently in determining the molar mass of a substance an instrument or instrument called a mass spectrophotometer has been used, this method can still be used as an inexpensive alternative.

  1. Sugar Purification

As we know that sugar is made from sugar cane. When the sugar cane has been harvested, the sugar cane will be extracted from the sugar cane liquid which will then be used in making crystal sugar for consumption.

In making sugar, there is a stage where the sugar cane liquid will be boiled. The temperature at which the liquid boils will depend on the concentration of sugar in the liquid. By knowing the level of boiling point increase, it will be used to monitor the level of saturation of the solution so that it will be useful in the crystallization process to produce perfect sugar crystals.

Thus the complete description that we can give to all readers. With regard to the benefits of boiling point increase that is easily found in everyday life. Hopefully it can provide education for all readers as well.


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