How To Give Bed Bath Nursing And Bed Bath Procedure

Bed bath nursing is an essential part of nursing care for the confined to bed. The time of bed-bath depends entirely prevailing circumstances,weather or according to the patients or according to the advice of doctors. Bed bath provides the patient’s  physical comfort, psychological support in encouraging the establishment of rapport between patient and nursing staff.


  • To clean the body from grease material and dirt of perspiration or sweating.
  • To prevent multiplication of pathogenic organisms skin surface.
  • To prevent bed sores.
  • To accelerate blood circulation over skin surface.
  • To improve general muscle tone.
  • To have better aesthetic sense for self, relatives and neighbouring patients.

How To Give Bed Bath Nursing And Bed Bath Procedure

Material required

  1. Wash cloth. 2. Bath towel. 3. Bath blanket. 4. dress for change as per patients choice and habit. 5. Soap. 6.7. Basin and jug or mug with warm water. 8. Spirit and powder for back rub and armpits etc. 9. Bucket or bm collection of soiled clothing. 10. Hot water bottle in 11. Mouth wash solution in feeding cup. 12. Kidney tray of] bag. 13. Bed side screen. 14. Table to keep all materials side. 15. Bath thermometer if available. 16. Nail brush  when required. 17. Clean bed linen.

You Must Know The Bed Bath Nursing Procedure In Order To Complete Bed Bath.

All the materials are kept on the table on bed side ready for use.

  • The patient should be informed about the bath and conve­nient time should be selected suiting both to nursing staff and patient.
  • Close windows and doors if in a single room.
  • Place the bed side screen.
  • Loosen top bedding at sides and foot. Remove each article separately Fold in four and place over back of chair.
  • Cover patient with bath blanket while removing top sheet.
  • Place face towel under the chin, wash face, eyes and ears with soapy wash, cloth over hands, tucking in loose corners. Eyes should be protected from soap or lathes. If at ail eyes come <n contact with soap it should be rinsed properly with plain water.
  • Un cover the fore arm and place towel length wise under the arm.
  • Wash, rinse well and dry the arm pit.
  • The same procedure is done for fore arm.
  • Cover the chest with bath towel and turn bath blanket down to abdomen. Wash chest thoroughly after removing the bath towel.
  • Uncover abdomen area. Wash and rinse down to public area. Make sure that umbilical area is cleaned properly. Hydrogen peroxide solution or oil in applicator may be used if necessary. Dry well. Draw cover up and remove bath towel from chest.
  • Uncover far leg and drape with bath blankets arranging bath towel under foot. Flex knee, wash leg, rinse and dry well. The feet can be immersed in basin if required.
  • Repeat the same procedure for the near leg.
  • The water in basin should be changed in between when it becomes dirty.
  • Now turn the patient on side with back towards you. Wash back and dry by wiping with dry towel. Rub the back with spirit and powder. The pressure areas are observed for any bed sores.
  • The genitals of patients also require cleaning. If the patient cannot do himself than cleaning procedure is applied as cleaning other parts of body with soap water and drying by wiping with towel. The junction area of thigh should be sprinkled with talc powder.
  • Put gown or pajamas or other dress as available on patient.
  • The patient can be asked to rinse his mouth if he can  do it.
  • Arrange dirty linen in one place. Remove bath powder, spirits etc.
  • Make bed as described for an occupied patients.
  • Adjust the patient’s position, head and knee and bed gadgets according to his comfort and as per doctors advise.
  • Comb the patient’s hair putting a towel covering back and chest.
  • All bathing items are kept tidy and in proper place.
  • The soiled clothes are collected in bucket and sent for washing.
  • The bath thermometer can be used for measuring temperature of warm water. The water should be luke warm 41 *C) or as per comfort of the patient.
  • The bath should be recorded in the patient’s chart with and time.
  • The ward supervisor or doctor in charge of the patient be informed if any untoward condition of the observed during the bath. This can be rash, sore, over body etc.

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