Beads are the perforated beads to make ornaments, necklaces, bracelets. According to the Spanish Royal Academy, beads are: m. Glass beads with holes to make necklaces or ornaments, bead bracelet. Any decoration of little value, is always full of beads. I mean


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From the earliest civilizations beads were used as decoration and to protect against evil spirits. They have always been in fashion .

  • The beads date back some 40,000 years.
  • The earliest examples of beads are located in prehistoric times on rudimentary stones and pebbles with a perforation in the center.
  • In Ancient Egypt , beautiful Crystal beads were made.
  • Today, bones, seeds and legumes are used to create cheap decorations.


  • As a body decoration.
  • In some parts of the world the conviction of the protective function of the beads, as in the case of the red coral necklaces of the Mediterranean basin, which is believed to be useful in protecting the baby from the evil eye .
  • In ancient times, beads were of great importance and significance as they were considered as bearers of protective qualities.
  • The beads of the ” rosaries ” used to count the prayers are also considered as powerful stones.

Manufacturing in the world

  • In South and Central America , ancient and sophisticated indigenous traditions developed in the manufacture of beads and beads.
  • In North America there are beautiful beads made with feathers and shells.
  • The Indians used different materials for the beads of their ornaments: Coral , Silver , Turquoise , Rockery. In pre-Columbian times, Mayas and Olmecs made jade beads. Rock crystal and gold beads have also been found.
  • India produces beads in silver, wood, and semi-precious stones.
  • In Northern Europe the trade in ornaments has been very splendid.
  • In Italy is the account center of the Venetian island of Murano
  • In Central Europe (Bohemia, Moravia) sublime glass beads are made
  • In Africa , carved bone beads, forged metal, and powdered glass are made from African amulets and ornaments.
  • In Asia you can find high quality and traditional bead production centers.
  • Japan is the world’s leading pearl production center
  • China is an excellent producer of jade, silver, coral, blue and white porcelain ornaments, river pearls, cloisonne work.

Elaboration and completion

  • When the form is achieved, the account is pierced. A cone-shaped hole drilled on both sides is common in pre-Columbian accounts. Accounts glass or handmade beads are made around a wire which, once removed, leaves a hole.
  • Today’s metal, stone, plastic and wood beads are drilled from one side with an electric or laser drill.


  • Once they have a shape, the beads are placed on a kind of rotating lathe to equalize the imperfections and polish them. Different finishes are applied to smooth glass, wood or plastic beads.
  • Various treatments and substances added to the barrel produce different effects: the sandpaper polishes the wood, the skin gives a soft shine to the plastic …
  • The concentric layers of colored glass in the beads of many colors are removed in different amounts when polished creating a two or three tone effect.
  • The finish enhances the smooth beads and often these colors are added during this final phase.


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