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English word photography which means Bengali. And the photographer is a person who takes photography or photography as a profession. Photography can be an independent profession by utilizing the skill of taking pictures. If you have a passion for taking pictures, then you can be a photographer as well as a lucrative business and career, in addition to fulfilling your hobbies. This is a service oriented business idea. Today in this post I will try to know how to be a photographer.

Types of Photography

In fact, the variety of photography cannot be counted. There is less of that kind of photography. Below are some of the names of those whose photography is most in demand.

  1. Food photography
  2. Fashion Photography
  3. Wedding Photography
  4. Documentary Photography
  5. Landscape Photography
  6. Nature Photography
  7. Medical Photography
  8. Travel Photography
  9. Underwater Photography
  10. Sports photography
  11. Candid Photography
  12. Stock photography

There is also a lot more photography. Hopefully in the future I will be able to give a detailed idea of ​​the types of these photography. Now come to the main discussion.

To become a photographer, I want photography skills

This is a profession where you will be hired for your skills. You can earn 4 to 5 rupees by working four to five hours piercing your skills. Think about why you would pay Maa so little money for such a short time. So it is not necessary to have the ability to take pictures. You must touch the living creature in the picture you take.

The tools you need to be a photographer

To become a professional photographer you have to buy quality equipment. This expense is your main expense in this profession. So in the beginning, buy good quality camera, lens, memory card, flash, tripod, monopod, card reader and camera bag. Besides, good quality laptops and software for editing photos.

The best is if you can test your skills by hiring all of these tools first. In addition, you should have a website and social media to promote your business.

Practice taking pictures

The more you can practice, the better your skills will be. You also need to know the nuances of your photography equipment. Light is very important for taking pictures. You need to understand what kind of picture is raised in a light. Take photography classes if possible. Try learning hands-on writing skills from online classes or from a professional photographer.

Find out your personal style of taking pictures

Photography is an art where everyone has a different style of photography. Never copy someone as blind. Then you can lose your style. Find out your own style. It is difficult to find but not impossible.

Must be proficient in editing photos

To be a photographer, you need to have good editing skills, just as good editing skills. At first you may need to do the editing work yourself. So you should have good experience about photo editing.

Create an online portfolio

Your online portfolio is the digital presentation of your profession. You want to have a website to build an online portfolio. Wherever you have the best pictures taken, people will know about you. So make the website as professional as possible. You can publish the best pictures you take on the website as well as on the Facebook page.

Visit the place

When you are hired as a photographer for a wedding or other event, you should first visit the venue. Because, this is the job of a professional photographer. This increases the likelihood of taking good pictures.

Keep up with backup equipment

No matter how small or large your photography work, backup tools should always be available. At one of the wedding ceremonies, you were hired as the only photographer and you went to the ceremony and found that your camera was not working. Imagine how it would be? So always keep the backup equipment with you.

Set fair prices

Set a fair price based on your skills and experience. There are many photographers who will earn less money and sit down without working which is a wrong decision. The extra price and the low price are both bad.

Awareness of time

If you are a wedding photographer now, you need to be time conscious. You must arrive at the venue less than half an hour before the event begins.

Friendly behavior

One of the qualities that makes a successful photographer the most successful is his friendly attitude.


Good photography, editing, communication skills, time awareness, reference taking skills I believe you will succeed in this business. Many good wishes.

by Abdullah Sam
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