Batman: Arkham Knight trophy and achievement guide

Check out the list of Batman: Arkham Knight trophies, one of the best batman games available on the PS + Collection.

Batman: Arkham Knight is one of the best action games of the past generation, and is part of the PS + Collection catalog for the PS5 . It brings several missions to be accomplished, varied enemies and more than a hundred trophies to conquer. Check out our list of all Batman: Arkham Knight trophiesbelow.

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Batman: Arkham Knight (Image: Press Release / Rocksteady Studios / Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)

Which is?

Batman: Arkham Knight  is the fourth chapter  of the Batman: Arkham series  , which features Batman acting as a vigilante and using his skills as a detective, in a game available for PS4 , Xbox One and Windows , in addition to running also on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, via backward compatibility.

In the story, the Scarecrow puts into action his plan to destroy Gotham City and annihilate the Dark Knight once and for all, and for that he forms an alliance with several villains in the city. They are joined by the mysterious Knight of Gotham, who commands a paramilitary militia and has a single objective, which is to eliminate the batman.

Our hero has at his disposal an arsenal of equipment and various skills, in addition to the Batmobile, which can be used with a tank, and has the help of several of his allies.

All Batman: Arkham Knight trophies

Batman: Arkham Knight has a total of 110 trophies, divided between Campaign mode and all 16 DLC packs . To get the platinum trophy, exclusive to PS5 and PS4, you have to win everyone else in the main game. You don’t need to get the Batman: Arkham Knight trophies contained in the additional packages, but we’ve listed them as well.

Check out the list of all Batman: Arkham Knight trophies below :

Batman: Arkham Knight (Image: Press Release / Rocksteady Studios / Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)

Campaign Mode

Trophy objective
I am the batman! ( Platinum , PlayStation only ) Reclaim your city
Conquer all trophies in Campaign mode
An Inner Battle (secret) Fight for your sanity
Broken Heart in Half (secret) Protect the secret base
Leap of Hope Complete 8 different jumps over 100 meters
Absolution Earn 69 stars in AR Challenges
Angel of Darkness (secret) Complete the tests and prove that you are a worthy successor
The Flight of the Raven (secret) Escape from Ace Chemistry
Don’t Fear (Secret) Win the war for Gotham
Blunt Trauma Perform all types of predator strokes
Vengeance of the Brotherhood (secret) The return of the Dynamic Duo
Brutality Lesson Perform 15 different combat moves in one Flow
The Arsenal Use the Batmobile’s five weapons in a battle against tanks
City of Fear Defend yourself from attacking your ally’s fortress
Cold World Destroy the first weapons depot in Gotham City
Night Creature Free the city
Cycle of Violence Use Rapid Devices 100 times in fluent combat
Dark Alliances (secret) Arrest the Scarecrow’s senior commander
The Black Wings of Fear (secret) What is the Precipitation Device?
A World to Burn (secret) Put out the fires in Gotham City
Death and Glory Perform 20 Intimidation Strikes
Planned Death Get a key when completing the seventh Riddler test
Innocent Victims Rescue the fire station 17
Burning Tire Get 3 minutes of skidding on the Batmobile
Double Sanction (secret) Face an old friend
Fear of Faith Rescue Ace Chemistry workers
Fear of Success (secret) Survive the Scarecrow Ambush
Lucky Son Achieve 46 stars in AR Challenges
Gotham Gates Destroy all of the militia’s observation towers
Gotham at Midnight Glide for 400 meters maintaining a height less than 20 meters from the ground
Gotham Underworld Disarm all explosive militia weaponry in Gotham City
The Doctor and the Monster Stop the bank robbery on Miagani Island and arrest the client in the DPGC
Dark Nightmares Balance things
Judgment Day Win the underground fight
Knightfall (secret) Start the Knightfall Protocol
Deadly Riddles Get a key after completing the ninth test of the Riddler
Hell on earth Interrogate the militia TMB pilot
Master of Fear (secret) Wayne against Crane
Seven lives Get a key when completing the last Riddler test
Nobody’s land Restore power on Gotham City bridges
Puzzle Pieces Get a key when completing the second Riddler test
Impact point Perform 5 perfect shots in a row with the Vulcan Weapon without taking damage
What Is, What Is (secret) Arrest the Riddler at DPGC
Riddler in Action Get a key when you finish the fourth test of the Riddler
Flying through the Jungle Fly under three main bridges between the islands in continuous planing
Wild Metal Throw 10 militia transport vehicles off the street without using the immobilizer
The Untouchables (secret) Heal the doctor
Seductive Weapon Get 50 critical shots against light tanks
Sins of Youth Earn 23 stars in AR Challenges
The Kiss of Death (secret) Activate the countermeasures for the Precipitation Device
Gotham streets Destroy all militia control points
The Spicy Question Get a key when completing the fifth test of the Riddler
The Cat and the Bat Get a key when completing the third Riddler test
The Cult (secret) Save the victim from the sacrifice and arrest the executor in the DPGC
The Frequency of Fear Examine Gotham City to determine the Scarecrow’s location
The Long Halloween (secret) Wayne against Crane in New Game + mode
The Monster Machine Track and arrest the serial killer
Primordial Riddle Get a key when you finish the sixth test of Riddler
I can see the documents Hit 20 moving cars without using the Batmobile
Riddler Factory Get a key when completing the eighth test of the Riddler
Back home Destroy all militia’s TMBs
Road to hell Successfully complete the first Riddler test
Deadly Touch Stop the arms dealer and arrest him at the DPGC
Trail of Fear Arrest your first supervillain in the DPGC
Who’s in charge at night (secret) Batman against the Arkham Knight
Maximum Vengeance Take on heavy artillery reinforcements

Batgirl in Batman: Arkham Knight (Image: Press Release / Rocksteady Studios / Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)

DLC A Family Matter

Trophy objective
Fire in Paradise (secret) Free the hostages on the Ferris Wheel
A Fiberglass House (secret) Free the hostages on the Carousel
The Smiling Fish! (secret) Free the hostages on the Ghost Ship
Like father, like daughter (secret) Rescue your father
Once upon a time (secret) Discover the secret history of the park
Ambush Defeat 4 enemies during a single scare effect
Strange War Stories Defeat 15 enemies using any type of invasion
A Blade of Remembrance Destroy all Dentures, Balloons and Spring Toys

DLC History of the Harlequin

Trophy objective
Crazy with Prison (secret) Rescue your friend

DLC History of the Red Hood

Trophy objective
Against the Red Hood (secret) End this operation

Scarecrow’s Nightmare DLC

Trophy objective
Victory of Darkness (secret) Escape the Nightmare

1989 Batmobile Film Pack DLC

Trophy objective
Street demons Achieve 33 stars in AR Challenges using the 1989 movie Batmobile

DLC Pack Batmobile Tumbler 2008

Trophy objective
Gangland Express Achieve 33 stars in AR Challenges using the 2008 Tumbler Batmobile


Trophy objective
Hard Justice Prevent the Penguin from escaping the DPGC

DLC Classic TV Series Batmobile Pack

Trophy objective
Fun Achieve 33 stars in AR Challenges using the 60s TV series Batmobile

Catwoman in Batman: Arkham Knight (Image: Press Release / Rocksteady Studios / Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)

Catwoman’s Revenge DLC

Trophy objective
The Cat Is Back Invade the Riddler’s hideout and take your revenge

Head or Crown DLC

Trophy objective
Succession Plans Invade Hell’s Gate and arrest the Two-Face

DLC Pack Batmobile Batman Vs. Superman 2016

Trophy objective
The best of the world Achieve 21 stars in AR Challenges using the Batman vs. Batmobile movie Superman 2016

Hero Challenges DLC

Trophy objective
The Great Leagues Earn 21 stars in AR Challenges playing as Robin
Acts of Violence Earn 21 stars in AR Challenges by playing as Nightwing
Big Luck Achieve 21 stars in AR Challenges playing as Batgirl

Rogue Challenges DLC

Trophy objective
Relentless Earn 21 stars in AR Challenges by playing as Catwoman
Shock and Awe Achieve 21 stars in AR Challenges playing as Azrael
University education Earn 21 stars in AR Challenges by playing as Red Hood
Unlimited Revenge Earn 21 stars in AR Challenges by playing as Harlequin

The villains of the DLC Epoch of Infamy (Image: Press Release / Rocksteady Studios / Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)

Season of Infamy DLC

Trophy objective
The Devil lives again! Follow the killer’s trail
The Devil’s Daughter! Find the Lazarus Well
From Ashes to Ashes End the League of Assassins War
The Crime Scene Rescue the Mad Hatter’s first hostage
Mind Games Rescue the Mad Hatter’s second hostage
Worthy of a Fairy Tale Put the Mad Hatter behind bars
Dead file Interrogate the Militia Lieutenant
Exposed to the Cold Look for the cryogenic chamber
Resurrection and life Survive the Militia Attack
The Hidden Monster Eliminate the Prisoners
Risking the skin Get access to the maximum security industry
Evolution Attach the Crocodile to the DPGC

Arkham Original Batmobile DLC

Trophy objective
Life after death Achieve 21 stars in AR Challenges using the Original Arkham Batmobile

Community Challenge DLC

Trophy objective
What the Butler Saw Complete the “Wayne Mansion” Challenge as Batman, without using any device or taking any damage
Secrets of the Batcave Complete the “Batcave” Challenge unscathed like Batman and Nightwing, using only strokes in a row
Silent Night, Deadly Night Complete the “Silent Knight” Challenge unscathed as Batman and Robin, using only Crushing Knockout Strikes
Eternal Complete the “Endless Knight” Challenge by eliminating 50 enemies like Batman
An icy breeze Complete the AR Challenge “Beco do Crime” without taking damage, playing as Batman, Robin and Nightwing
The curtain falls Perfect fluency per round at the “Teatro Monarch”, like Batman, Robin, Nightwing and the Catwoman
Requiem for a killer Defeat an old opponent in the AR Challenge “Clube Iceberg”, playing as Batman


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