How to get all Batman: Arkham Asylum trophies on PS4 and PS5

Batman: Arkham Asylum is not a very long game, you can complete the story in about 15 hours . I’m not taking into account challenge mode or trophies here. Now, completing these two things means spending many more hours on the Rocksteady Studios title. For example, to unlock the Gold Predator achievement you have to get 24 medals in predator challenges, and this is not easy.

You may not have known, but the remastering of Batman: Arkham Asylum that is part of the Batman: Return to Arkham edition not only has better graphics, it also includes the additional content that they published at the time . Unlike other installments, this time everything takes place in the Arkham mental hospital, a very dangerous place because inside are the most dangerous villains of Gotham City.

The story of Batman: Arkham Asylum is completely new and is based on the Batman universe . Thus, throughout the game some of the most iconic characters make an appearance. With that said, below you can see how to get all the trophies in the game.


  • Batman: Return to Arkham Bronze Achievements and Trophies – Arkham Asylum
  • Silver trophies and achievements
  • Gold trophies and achievements
  • Platinum Trophies and Achievements
  • All Batman: Return to Arkham Achievement and Trophy Icons – Arkham Asylum
  • Videos to get the trophies and achievements of Batman: Return to Arkham – Arkham Asylum

Batman: Return to Arkham Bronze Achievements and Trophies – Arkham Asylum

  • Shocking Rescue:Neutralize Zsasz in the Patient Pacification Chamber Watch video.
  • Leave no one behind:Rescue the guards and the thug trapped in the Joker’s toxin decontamination room Watch video.
  • You have to practice malpractice:Survive the attack of the misshapen thug Joker Watch video.
  • Born free:Escape from intensive treatment to the surface of the island Watch video.
  • What the doctors sent:Save all the doctors in the building.
  • Dreamer:Survive the Scarecrow’s fear gas nightmare.
  • Raid:Gains access to the administration after it has been closed by Joker See video.
  • Recurring Nightmare:Face your worst fears and stay sane.
  • Zsasz Sliced:Save Dr. Young from being murdered by Victor Zsasz.
  • Party pooper:KO all the bullies celebrating your arrival at the party Watch video.
  • Nightglider : Glide 100 m in a row Watch video.
  • Take String !:Perform a reverse takedown to scare another nearby bully (any game mode) Watch video.
  • Grab It !:Grab a Batarang (any game mode).
  • Fluency Combo 5:Complete a 5-move combo (any game mode)
  • Fluency Combo 10:Complete a 10-move combo (any game mode) Watch video.
  • Geek Rodeo:Ride a Titan thug and knock out 10 thugs (any game mode) Watch video.
  • Bronze Fluency:Get 8 medals in combat challenges Watch video.
  • Silver fluency:Get 16 medals in combat challenges Watch video.
  • Bronze Predator:Get 8 medals in Predator Challenges Watch video.
  • Silver Predator:Get 16 medals in predator challenges Watch video.
  • Invisible Predator:Complete a predator challenge using only silent elimination without being detected. Watch video.
  • Flawless fluency fighter:Complete a combat challenge without taking damage. Watch video.
  • Arkham Analyst:Solve 5% of Enigma challenges.
  • Cryptic Investigator:Solve 10% of Enigma challenges.
  • Side thinker:Solve 25% of Enigma challenges Watch video.
  • Mystery Unraveller:Solve 40% of Enigma challenges
  • Riddle Breaker:Solve 55% of Riddle Challenges.
  • Mental Athlete:Solve 70% of Enigma challenges.

Silver trophies and achievements

  • Bane’s Bane:Defeat Bane.
  • Isolation:Capture and lock up Harley Quinn Watch video.
  • Double trouble:Defeat two Titan thugs at the same time Watch video.
  • Resist Fear:Overcome the effects of the Scarecrow’s fear gas.
  • Crocodile Tears:Enter Killer Crocodile’s lair and come out alive.
  • Poison Ivy:Defeat the Giant Titan Plant.
  • Bang !:Complete Story Mode on Easy Difficulty . Watch Video.
  • Superbang !:Complete Story Mode on Normal Difficulty.
  • Megabang !:Complete Story Mode on Hard Difficulty.
  • Fluency Combo 20:Complete a 20-move combo (any game mode).
  • Fluency Combo 40:Complete a combo of 40 moves (any game mode) Watch video.
  • Hand to hand:Defeat the Titan thug without using batarangs (any game mode) Watch video.
  • Perfection in fluency:Perform a perfect combo with all of Batman’s combat moves (any game mode) Watch video.
  • Gold Fluency:Get 24 medals in combat challenges.
  • Gold Predator:Get 24 medals in Predator Challenges
  • Solve E. Nigma:Solve all the riddles on the island Watch video.
  • Riddle Expert:Solve 85% of Enigma challenges.
  • The best detective in the world:Discover who is behind the spirit of Amadeus Arkham Watch video.

Gold trophies and achievements

  • Perfect Knight:100% Complete.

Platinum Trophies and Achievements

  • Platinum Trophy: PlatinumTrophy See video.

All Batman: Return to Arkham Achievement and Trophy Icons – Arkham Asylum

Platinum Trophy
Perfect gentleman
Bane’s downfall
Double trouble
Resist fear
Crocodile tears
Poison ivy
Fluency Combo 20
Fluency Combo 40
Hand to hand
Perfection in fluency
Gold fluency
Gold predator
Solve the riddle
Puzzle expert
The best detective in the world
Shocking rescue
Leave no one behind
You have to practice malpractice
Born free
What the doctors sent
Recurring nightmare
Zsasz made slices
Night glider
Take little string!
Take it!
Fluency Combo 5
Fluency Combo 10
Geek rodeo
Bronze fluidity
Silver fluidity
Bronze predator
Silver predator
Invisible predator
Flawless fluency fighter
Arkham Analyst
Cryptic Investigator
Lateral thinker
Unraveling of mysteries
Riddle decipher
Mental athlete


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