Bath sponge

Bath sponges . A sponge is a utensil used for body hygiene or cleaning other types of surfaces. They are especially good for absorbing water or liquid products.


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The bath sponge

The sponge is a porous material that can be made of cellulosic fibers or plastic polymers (generally polyurethane ). There are natural sponges, used in hygiene work, although most are used for facial or body cleaning.

Bath sponges are used to distribute soap throughout the body during ordinary hygiene activities . Other sponges are used for specific cleanings like those in cars or to spread soap on the glass. There are products for washing dishes that consist of a combination of sponge and scouring pad so that one or the other can be used interchangeably.

Currently, together with synthetic sponges, there is a revival of models cultivated by natural procedures. Vegetable sponges are sold in drugstores and herbalists and are used as effective exfoliants or cleansers that promote blood circulation . The best known plant sponges are the Luffa cylindrica and Luffa acutangula which are easily grown.


For the correct maintenance of the sponges, it is recommended to rinse them thoroughly after each use to remove the remains of soap and organic material that can generate very bad odors. It is advisable to soak it from time to time in a vinegar solution with water . If the sponge is synthetic, it can be put in the washing machine with the rest of the laundry.

Construction way

We are going to create a sponge for the bathroom, one of those that are ideal for being able to massage the body well as well as rubbing vigorously to really clean ourselves well when showering. They also serve to enjoy a good relaxing bath.


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