Bass parts

he bass is a chordophone musical instrument larger than a guitar, with a longer and larger-scale neck, and with four strings tuned according to the tuning of its predecessor: the double bass.



  • 1Bass parts
    • 1Mast
    • 2Tuning machines
    • 3Nut
    • 4Diapasón
    • 5Frets
    • 6Strings
    • 7Bridge
    • 8Body
    • 9Plug or spigot inlet
    • 10pills
    • 11Pickup selector

Bass parts


It is a wooden support to which the fingerboard is attached and which is attached to the body or case of the instrument. At its top is the head of the bass, where the four tuning machines are attached.

Tuning machines

Located at the top of the bass, they rest on the neck head . They are shaped like metal keys, whose mission is to hold and tighten the strings by means of a mechanism by which they are wound on an axis that, when turned, tightens them little by little making their sound go from low to high. or vice versa.


It is a plastic piece that is located at the beginning of the fingerboard and has four grooves where the strings rest. Its function is to prevent the strings from touching each other.


It is a darker piece of wood with some relief that is in the front of the neck and that has twenty-one metal plates, similar to the nut, which are called “frets”.


These small metal plates separate the musical notes. When playing the bass, your fingers press the strings in the middle of the frets to create the notes: low key, if you touch the upper frets of the three and four strings; instead, the lower frets of strings one and two will give a sharp tone.



Despite the fact that there are five or six-string basses, the normal number is four that grow in thickness, with One being the thinnest and Four the thickest. They are made of metal and have a ring at the bottom to attach them to the bridge. The upper end is smooth and is that fits the headstock.


Located in the lower part of the bass body, it is the place where the strings are tied and usually has an extra tuning system that consists of four screws that adjust the strings individually.


It is the part of the bass that works as a sound box. It is made of wood and has different shapes depending on the model.

Plug or spigot input

The plug is the part of the bass through which the sound is output to the amplifier. It is a small hole in which the spike is embedded The metal ends of the stereo or monaural sound cable that connect the bass to the amplifier are called the spike.


They are responsible for transforming the sound into electricity that passes to the amplifier. There are usually two: one at the top of the neck, where the sound is lower, and one at the bottom, where it is higher.

Pickup selector

There are usually two and its function is to choose the type of frequency that the bass will generate in the amplifier.


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