A lot of health in a small cup!

Do not simply call it “a coffee substitute” : barley coffee, in addition to having a glorious past, has all the nutritional values ​​of roasted barley, presenting itself, for this reason, as a very interesting drink and with many benefits for the our organism.

1. More concentrated and productive

Barley is rich in starch, a simple sugar that ours easily assimilates, immediately giving us an extra charge of energy!

2. Keep sugar at bay!

Barley coffee contains a substance capable of slowing down the absorption of carbohydrates, managing to lower the glycemic rate. If you suffer from hyperglycemia, know that barley coffee will keep your blood sugar levels at bay!

3. It helps you regain intestinal regularity

Barley coffee, thanks to the presence of mucilage, will help you regain intestinal regularity.

4. Hypervitamin: fill up on energy!

Vitamin A, B, E, PP and various minerals: thanks to the presence of many vitamins, barley coffee is able to give you the sprint during a long day of work.

5. Goodbye cholesterol!

Do you suffer from high cholesterol? Barley coffee is not only suitable for all diets, but above all it can help reduce blood cholesterol levels.

6. Pleasant as a cup of coffee … but without the limits of caffeine!

Barley coffee, having no caffeine, is free from many typical contraindications of coffee, first of all, on the quantity that can be taken and then … everyone can drink it, from children to the elderly!

To make the most of all its properties, we recommend drinking 3 to 5 cups a day, the equivalent of 2-3 large cups.

Barley coffee: a healthy habit that has lasted for 2000 years

In Greece in 400 BC, the barley drink experienced a moment of great fame thanks to Hippocrates, father of modern medicine: he nourished, together with his students, a sort of barley decoction that helped him to feel more energetic and concentrated during his long study days. A decidedly acute intuition, which 2000 years later the medicine will confirm.

The history of barley coffee also touches the glorious Roman Empire: the gladiators were constantly fed on barley and drinks derived from it since they discovered that it accelerated muscle recovery after exhausting battles.

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