Baldur’s Gate 3 walkthrough and guide

Practical advice and all options for completing each mission: we tell you how to complete the storyline and side quests “Baldurs Gate 3”, as well as satellite quests

Baldur’s Gate 3 is the continuation of the classic series of isometric RPG games. This guide is dedicated to the passage of “Baldurs Gate 3”: all the story and side missions of the game, tasks of companions and companions. You will also find many useful tips for newbies!


Baldur’s Gate 3 Walkthrough – Prologue

Official Cinematic Trailer

After the introductory video and character creation process, your hero will leave the capsule. Then the game will begin. Examine another capsule of Mind Flayers to see that you are not the only survivor. On the second floor, there are several cartilage boxes that contain potions and other items.

While exploring this location, you can use the Jump bonus action on the panel at the bottom of the screen to jump over the chasms or climb up. You can also shoot at suspended bodies. If you catch fire or need healing, interact with the blue capsule, which is called “Recovery”. Do not forget that jumping down will damage the hero. The higher the altitude, the more HP you will lose.

Laezel is one of your potential companions in Baldur’s Gate 3

Use the ALT key to highlight most of the interactive items. Although in the early build, many of them still remain unlighted.

Follow ahead and search the dead imps to get potions and scrolls. Use the jump to go upstairs, or activate the elevator. You will find a man named Myrnat. Interact with him and you will understand that he is now a vegetable. The Intellect Devourer will speak to you. You can either destroy it, leave it as it is, or extract it. Extraction of the brain requires one of three skills to be tested.

Illithids are initially presented as the main enemies, but in fact, in the world of Baldur’s Gate 3, danger comes from literally every living creature.

Any check in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a 20-tiger die roll, which follows the rules of the fifth and current edition of the D&D rules. If the result on the die is the same or higher than the set goal, the check is considered successful. Otherwise, it will fail. With your skills, you can lower the target of the check by a maximum of 3 points. For example, if you need to pass a charisma check and without bonuses the target is 10 units, then if you use a character with 16 charisma (this is the maximum value of any skill), you will reduce the target to 7 units. Save often, and if something doesn’t suit you, replay the skill check. Of course, if there is not a target of 18-20 units.

If you retrieve the Intellect Devourer and then cripple him, you can find out where you ended up. If you don’t cripple him, then the Devourer will help you in all future battles on the illithid ship . Without him, the coming battles will be more difficult. Keep moving, use the jump to jump over the chasm, and then you will meet with Laezel. She is a warrior of the Gityanka race and one of the potential companions in the game. Join her and together defeat the demons in the next room.

This is such a “cute” parasite that members of your squad will have to extract

The battles in the game are turn-based, and with rare exceptions each character will be able to attack the enemy only once per turn. In general, the combat system deserves a separate manual, so we’ll talk about it later.

Satellites BG3 Race Class
Shadowwhart half-elf priest
Gail person wizard
Astarion elf rogue
Laezel gityanka warrior
Will person witch
  • Read more about the companions of Baldurs Gate 3 in a separate article.

Defeat three demons. Try to lure them out and destroy them one by one. Use the Intellect Devourer as a tank. Don’t let the enemies surround your hero, otherwise serious problems will arise. If you are a mage, use a familiar to help you in combat. Unlike the first and second parts, the death of the familiar will not cause an irreversible decrease in the hero’s health. Note that demons move far away and attack from a distance. After the victory, collect the items and heal inside the “Recovery” capsule. Then go up to the deck above.

Huge Illithid Ship

Search all the corpses on the deck, collecting potions, gold and other items. Some of the slaves are alive, but you cannot save them. Attacking enemies will provoke the appearance of Intellect Eaters, and for killing you will be given only 1 EXP. Defeat two demons on the upper deck. Once you’re done, pack your things and use the entrance in front.

In one of the capsules on the left is Shadowhart, your potential companion. Pressing the buttons on the nearest panel will release the slave, who will have to be killed. It won’t work to free the girl, but you can try and she will remember it. You will receive thanks from her later, on the Ruined Beach.

In the next chamber, you need to interact with the terminal to see how a person turns into a Mind Flayer. Fortunately, the illithid is locked inside. A key can be found on the dead body, which opens the chest from the previous room with Shadowwhart. Inside the control room, you will see how the illithids are fighting demons. Drive in the direction of the helm. You can focus on the demons and ignore their commander. As soon as you get to the other part of the cabin, even more enemies will appear. After killing them, interact with the control panel. Watch the video.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Walkthrough – Chapter 1

All main and side missions in the first chapter of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Extracting the parasite

The quest starts on the illithid ship after meeting Laezel. Talk to her. The girl will say that the parasites in the head will turn us into brain eaters. And your task is to find a way to extract them.

After a ship wreck, you will find yourself on the Ruined Shore. Move along the coast, searching for corpses. In no case do not turn left, because at the far end of the coast, at the locked door, is your first companion, Shadowwhart. Yes, yes, the same girl that you tried or did not try to save on the ship. If you tried, she will be grateful to you. But even if not, he will still join the squad. Two tasks are activated at once:

  • Subject quest ” Abandoned Ruins
  • Satellite task ” Daughter of Darkness

Move to the fallen ship to find the wrecked, who are trying to reach the wounded illithid. If you can’t convince them, you’ll have to fight. After the victory, save and then interact with the illithid. In no case do not give in to compassion, because this creature will instantly kill you. Walk out to the shore to see the elf Astarion. Chat with him and agree to accept him into your team. If you already have three companions, then Astarion will go to the camp. You will find it later.

Move on and find the grove (and altar). Goblins will appear near the gate. Help defeat them and then go through the gate. Hear the conversation between Zevlor and Aradin. You can intervene or stand on the sidelines. After that, Shadowwhart will speak to you. Listen to her and agree that you need to think about yourself. Gail and Shadowwhart will approve of this .

Go deeper to get to the Cavity location. There are many interesting characters here. Among them is a trader halfling. You can sell him various items for the gold of the squad. Do not confuse squad gold with regular gold stored in your inventory! Regular gold is cheaper than the squad’s gold, and all goods from merchants are sold exclusively for the squad’s gold.

Below you will meet Will – your fifth and final companion in the game. Talk to the nearby Hex, who is training on a dummy. If you can use the “Warrior” skill (you need to choose this class for the hero), then all the characters from the squad will approve of it .

Search all interactive objects as any loot is good

Talk to Kaga, then Zevlor and decide what to do. You can either escort the refugees out or side with them, go to Kage and kill her. But this is an extreme option. The main problem is different – goblins. So let’s focus on them.


During the passage of Baldur’s Gate 3, you will encounter many dangerous opponents. One of them is Medvesych. Exit the camp through the gate and go right to find yourself in the forest. On your right hand you will meet three people, and one of them dies. Don’t say that you are a crash survivor and that you are not Loyal or they will have to be killed. Tell them they need to finish off Medvesych. Follow them to Medvesych’s cave and kill this monster. Then tell them that the couple should go to the nearest camp and report everything. And one more thing: a parasite will emerge from the corpse of their brother. If you let it go, the companions will not like it. Try to at least kill him. Even if you do not pass the test, at least you will not get a negative reputation. There is a magic chest in Medvesych’s lair. Jump over to the statue nearby and go behind it. When you pass the attention test, find a prayer note. Return to the chest and read this note again (from inventory). The chest will open, but keep in mind that if you take things out of it, you will receive a -15 penalty to Shadowwhart’s reputation.

Shkryab the dog

Go to the other side of the cave and turn right to find Shkryaba’s dog near the corpse. Interact with him and try to pass the training test. Note that if you fail with one character, you can repeat the check with another. Eventually, you will recognize his nickname. Give him a hand to sniff so that he can follow further to your camp. And then you can calmly search the corpse.

Extinct village

Go to the other side of Shkryab, to the concrete road, which has three people. Go through the gate to the extinct village. You will be noticed by goblins, but you can exclude the battle if you use the talents “Ithyllida” and “Wisdom”. Go to the well in the center of the village, just to the right of the altar of wanderings. If you pass the intelligence test, you can go down and find yourself in the abyss. There are dangerous enemies here, including phase spiders. By the way, you can go down even without passing the check.

Gityanka medicine

This quest will begin if you free Laezel near the cliffs by the road and take her into the squad. Speak with Zorru in the Druid’s Grove Cavity where all the friendly NPCs are. He will say that he saw the Gityankas in the west, near a mountain pass on the road that leads to Baldur’s Gate. The path will not be short.

Go from the extinct village to the right to the mill, and from it – even more to the right. Walk past the sleeping enemy and head west. You will find many interesting quests, but you are interested in a marker pointing to a Gityan patrol. Let Laezel tell the truth, but in that case, you will have to kill all enemies. However, you can then search the corpse. Be sure to check the medallion to find out where the nursery is. It is impossible to get there in the early access.

In search of a druid

You will learn about the disappearance of the druid Khalsin about Zevlor, after defeating the goblins and passing through the gates of the druid’s grove. To continue the quest, it is enough to find a stone bridge and three adventurers in the forest to the west of the grove of Sylvanus. Talk to the chief to find out that they left the druid.

Get to the goblin camp. With the goblins at the gate, you can negotiate or fight. You decide. Go to the settlement in front of the door to the inside of the camp. On the right there is a merchant, in the center is the captive Volo bar (interact to take the quest “Saving the Bard”), on the left is a goblin who offers to take part in the kurgon (you need to drive a chicken between two pillars, but no one will give you the win; only if you pass skill check).

Walk through the archway to the right and meet four goblins. Nearby will be the altar of wanderings. Talk to Neophyte Khrup, who tells the story to the other three. You can bow, but your companions will not like it. You can avoid a fight by passing intimidate or illithid checks (used no more than a couple of times per day). But by no means attack him! If you attack first, you will have to fight everyone outside. And if the goblin attacks you first (refuse to kiss), then only the bully and three of his friends will have to be defeated.

If Chrup attacks you, it will be enough to beat him, but not necessarily kill. He admits defeat. If you offer him help, the companions will not approve of this, and Khrup himself will not be grateful. Instead, make him kiss his foot, finish off, or walk away. Apparently, if you finish off Khrup, everyone else will take up arms against you.

Go inside the camp, deal with the goblins at the entrance (or kill, or convince you to skip). The first character you meet is the priestess Faithful Gut. It is needed on the quest “Priestess of Goblins” and as part of the quest “Extracting Parasites” Useless though.

From the prisoner inside the goblin camp (after entering, go right along the steps and see how two goblins torture the adventurer) you can learn that Khalsin turned into a bear, and then no one saw him. But for this you have to free the prisoner. If you don’t kill the goblins, you will have to hurt the prisoner. And if you kill, then take away from one of them the key from the rack (the device for torture, to which he is tied).

Go deep into the building of the goblins and go to the far right corner relative to the entrance (if you stand with your back to it. There you will find a door. Open it and talk to the goblins who are throwing stones at the bear. Attack them, because there is no other option to protect the bear! After the victory the bear will turn into Khalsin Help the grove against the goblins and drow on the quest “Rescue the Refugees”, then talk to the returning Khalsin. He will say that he is ready to help you in the morning.

By the way, if they didn’t allow a raid on the grove, Haslin will ask you to kill Kishka, Razglin and Mintara. Do it any way you want.

Druid’s Apprentice

From the merchant in the Druid’s Grove Cavity, you can inquire about a certain Nettie, the healer of this place. Go inside the Kagi Shrine and go to the back room where Netty, Halsin’s apprentice, is. Tell her about everything, but be sure to save before entering the next room. You will have to kill Nettie or convince her that you must live and have the right to be healed. The latter will require charisma, deception or intimidation. Anyway, after that this quest will end. If Nettie is alive, then you will find out where Khalsin went.

Goblin priestess

You can learn about the priestess from a captive goblin in the Cavity of the Druid Grove. Or on your own, when you enter the goblin camp and talk to Faithful Guts. Refuse everything she offers because your companions will not like it. And the goblin herself cannot do anything.

If you still agree, follow her, separate the main character from the squad (hold LMB and pull out the hero’s icon from the rest of the icons in the lower left corner of the screen). Remove them from the room and talk to Faithful Guts. Then she ban you. If you break free from the shackles, you will have to fight with a large ogre. If you can’t (or decide to save some energy yourself), just wait. A girl will appear who will save the hero. Search Loyal Gut’s corpse and head towards the door on the left. You will open this and the next door with two keys.

Deep in the dungeon where you were locked up, there is a puzzle with rotating tiles. I have not been able to solve it, since there is not a single clue.

Community of brilliant

This sub-quest can be taken from the Mykonoid Colony, which you can reach via the Goblin camp if you solve the disc puzzle or find a lever. Not far from the mykonoid lord, there is a turn to the merchant Bloorg. Talk to him and tell him the whole truth. Do not hinder Mistleum and listen to him. He’s ready to make a special potion, but you need two dangerous mushrooms. And they have a priestess of Mystra named Leonora.

Hike to the Moon Towers

The quest will start after the party at the camp. To do this, you need to deal with the goblins (kill the three leaders) and save Khalsin. After that, talk to Zevlor and agree to go to the camp. Attention! Now you must take any action until your character says he is tired and needs rest. After that, return to the camp, click on the fire and select the end of the day. If you have recently rested, clicking on the fire will simply teleport to the last visited altar of wanderings. That is, you will need to wait until the character gets tired again. In the evening there will be a party, and in the morning Khalsin will talk about the Lunar Towers. You can go to them through the Underdark (there is a boat of a skiff, dvergar, but in the early access the way there is inaccessible), or on the surface.

In early access, the continuation of the quest is not available. But you can go down to the Underdark, get to the skiff in the Dvergar village, and agree to sail. Save your progress first. You will encounter other Dwelgar along the way. If you complete the quest with the missing boots, they will let you through. If not, you will have to trick the dwelgar or kill it. And after that there will be a cut-scene that concludes the early access version.


When you save the bard Volo, he will be in your camp. Talk to him, tell him about the parasite, after which he will ask for some time to brush up on his knowledge. When you rest again by the fire, the next day go to Volo. He is ready to pull out the parasite, but he will use an ice ax for this. If you let him wield the tool, he will gouge out the protagonist’s eye. You will receive a permanent debuff. If you refuse, then save your eye.

Rescue refugees

This quest can be started after talking with Zevlor in the druid’s grove. Agree to help him. There are several ways to save refugees. For example, kill the goblins in their camp (not to be confused with an extinct village, which is located just behind the forest, not far), finish off Kaga, the leader of the druids, who drives out the refugees.

Showdown with goblins

This quest is part of the Rescuing Refugees quest, but you only get it after you meet Will in the druid’s grove. To complete this quest, it is important to get to the goblin camp and kill Gut, Razglin and Mintara. Then report it to Zevlor.

Showdown with the druids

After talking with Zevlor and Kaga, return to Zevlor again. Zevlor will ask you to kill Kaga. I have not tried it, but probably then all druids will turn against you. Maybe not. If you decide to kill Kagu, go to her and attack. She will be assisted by three other warriors. But after that it will be possible to freely pick up the idol around which the ritual is held.

Raid the grove

Inside the goblin camp, you will find the dror Rugzlin. Help him in communicating with the corpse of the illithid (you can use Shadowheart , since the check can be passed by the skills of the priest). And then he will order to speak with Mintara, another drow, to go with her on a foray into the grove of druids and adventurers. Yes, the same grove.


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