Back office

The set of tasks, activities, positions and procedures aimed at giving support and support to the company in its management is called back office.

This Anglo-Saxon term refers to all those tasks that are “behind” the business , without direct contact with the client but that involve the actual management and movement in an organization, and are opposed to the term front office, which defines those tasks and activities in direct contact with customers, thus being the visible face of an organization against another.

In the back office, the services are managed from within the same company, although it indirectly implies an intra-organizational work between departments reported from abroad based on the information given by the front office departments.

In general, in large companies the functions are usually separated by departments, giving support and service to the general purpose of the organization. Thus, the departments that could be considered back office are fundamentally the team of IT (IT), human resources, accounting and finance and company communication technicians . These departments are not in direct contact with the client, but instead supplement the internal management functions and achieve the objectives. That is why, all these organizational units support the sales administration that is responsible for selling and negotiating with customers, in the case of commercial companies, and whose front office would be precisely the sales administration.

The back office in computer science

Within the IT department, the back office also refers to those tasks that are reflected, saved and supported from the background, such as the incident resolution call center, the servers that store and transmit the information, in addition to make backup copies, and in general, all those tasks that support.

Also, back office elements that serve to perform the aforementioned activities such as mobile devices, computers, mobile phones and other computer and communication equipment could be considered.

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