Baby toiletries: what to buy?

The toilet represents a privileged moment of complicity and tenderness between baby and his parents. The toilet goes through several stages: the bath, the care of the face, the body. Johanna Ellia, doctor of pharmacy, gives us her advice as a pharmacist specializing in baby care so that your child always has clean and soft skin.


  1. What products to buy for baby bath?
  2. Clean baby’s face
  3. Clean baby seat
  4. Moisturize Baby’s Skin

What products to buy for baby bath?

It is a unique and magical moment. Over the months, your baby will wake up and take more and more pleasure in wading in the water. And you with!

The water bath must be at 37 ° C . To help you, use a bath thermometer . If the tendency is to wash your newborn baby  every 2 to 3 days , be aware that there are no rules or studies in this direction.

Note: at birth, your baby is covered with  vernix caseosa , this oily whitish coating which  forms a protective film . It will disappear completely after its first bath .


Depending on your tastes and your baby’s skin, you can choose between:

  • Washing gels without soap: it is the recommended toilet product for the bath .
  • Dermo-cleansing fluids or 2 in 1: they serve as  shampoo and body gel . Specially formulated for your baby’s delicate skin, they are very soft.
  • Surgras gels enriched with cold cream: these are particularly recommended when tap water is very calcareous, thus becoming a drying factor for the skin. The laboratories have developed so-called “surgras” treatments, often without soap, to restore the hydrolipidic film and limit the drying associated with the bath.
  • Washing oils : more and more babies develop atopy (dry skin patches like eczema.) This product will help to reform the hydrolipidic film of the skin.

In general, prefer bath products without parabens, perfumes, dyes, alcohol, essential oils …

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Clean baby’s face

For toddlers, the children’s bath should only last a  few minutes , enough time for them to relax and be clean. The following continues  on the changing table for specific treatments  :

  • Eyes : It is important to clean them well to avoid recurrent conjunctivitis . Use a different non-woven pad for each eye soaked in  saline . This will eliminate all the little secretions. Always from the inside to the outside.
  • The nose wash: Baby does not know how to blow his nose. So you have to help him, even if he doesn’t like it! To do this, use  physiological saline .
  • The cord : After birth, care should also be taken of the cord until it falls. Use a compress, water and soap to clean it , then dry it thoroughly.
  • Milk crusts: Sometimes plaques form on their skulls like big yellowish crusts. These are the scabs of milk . They are due to an excess of sebum on their scalp. The grandmothers used a fatty substance such as sweet almond oil or petroleum jelly . But, the fat allows to soften the crust but does not prevent recurrence. Specific care exists in pharmacies in the form of  gel or shampoo to leave on for a few minutes before rinsing. These emollients will not only soften the scabs of milk but also gently peel them off.
  • Facialwashing: Do not wash it with soap. This eventually irritates them and their skin feels attacked. It produces fat to defend itself. Hence the appearance of small pimples or plaques on the face. Finish washing his face with lukewarm water and a compress.

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Clean baby seat

Several products exist to clean the seat of infants. Depending on the situation, you choose the one that suits you best.

  • Cotton wool moistened with lukewarm water, soaked in a little mild soap recommended by health authorities.
  • Wipes: They have long been popular but following the scandal of endocrine disruptors  : paraben, phenoxyethanol, etc. many brands had to review their composition. And today there is something for everyone. Fragrances like Mustela, enriched with calendula at Klorane, with thermal water at Uriage, special irritations of the seat with Mitosyl, enriched in olive oil to get closer to the liniment … Their use must however remain occasional , in case of displacement for example. Leave in the diaper bag for outings!
  • Ole limestone liniment: This is the big trend. Mixture of olive oil and lime water (or calcium carbonate), this fatty substance has the advantage of taking off the stools well stuck to baby’s small buttocks without irritating it . In addition, it leaves a protective film . To be used with a cotton square. Studies have shown that regular use of the liniment significantly limits diaper rash especially during teething .
  • Toilet milk : The fatty side of milk effectively removes all the dirt from the buttocks of our babies. Disadvantage: it is necessary to use a cleaning water then to remove the side “too greasy”.
  • Thermal water : During diaper rash, your child will not support anything other than water. The thermal water with its  soothing minerals and virtues will allow you to cleanse its little buttocks and soothe it without irritating it
  • Creams for the change: Those with zinc oxide act as a real screen between the buttocks and the diaper and therefore the urine or stools. Disadvantage: very sticky, they are difficult to clean. Hence the pasta with water, which rinses off easily. Fats like Mitosyl based on fish or Bepanthene ointment, which are very fatty and enriched with vitamin B5 or Dexanpanthenol, will act as a local anti-inflammatory .
  • Talc: According to the pharmacist, this product  promotes maceration . And small yeast infections can proliferate where the moisture resides. Only one solution: drying lotions. Certain products are also available in spray (Lotion Cicalfate at Avène, Cicabio for Bioderma, Cytelium d’Aderma and Cica-Spray d’Uriage). Much more practical and healthier.

Moisturize Baby’s Skin

Choose  a body milk to nourish her small skin which suffers from the rubbing of clothes or a  cold cream cream for more delicate skin. To moisturize baby’s skin , there are several  moisturizing solutions, but massage oils are very valuable.

These nourishing oils specially formulated to respect the delicate skin of babies offers many benefits. Besides developing this obvious bond of attachment, massage stimulates the production of oxytocin, having an effect on sleep.

We finish the toilet with a nice hairstyle, if baby has some hair, using a bristle brush .

If the trend is organic, you have to be careful. ” Organic does not mean hypoallergenic and many parents who think they are doing well, choose these ranges come to us because their baby has allergies. Organic products often contain natural active ingredients from flowers or fruits which contain active ingredients rich in acids, so they can be very irritating.

Note: “the dermatological ranges are not necessarily more expensive than the brands of the large distribution but the effectiveness and the benefits are much more remarkable.”

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