Avoid Wasteful Life, Follow These Good Habits

Life in the new normal (new order) requires us to adapt in all sectors, including adapting to manage finance. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, financial problems usually arose from wasteful personal habits, lots of debt, no emergency funds, no savings to even have money to develop funds .

Although not out of the house or minimal activity outside the home, the new normal era makes spending increases. Ranging from electricity bills, the internet, to spending money that went along surged. One simple example, which is because they are often at home so like snacking so that unwittingly it gives a new habit and raises new problems also in the financial side.

It is really important to know that wasteful or consumptive lifestyles will potentially cause financial conditions to become even worse.

The solution is to start adapting to new habits such as:

Strict Discipline Managing Finances
If you are accustomed to living wasteful, then you have to convince yourself to be able to discipline in managing finances. Managing finances should be carried out in a disciplined manner both in new normal conditions and before the Covid-19 pandemic. Financial management can be said to be healthy when expenses do not exceed income. These conditions must certainly be obtained while still meeting all basic needs as well as savings or fund development.

Control the Desire to Shop
When the new normal situation of course shopping centers, restaurants, and tourist attractions have returned to the public. If you are not good at controlling yourself and are easily tempted by offers of promos or discounts, then your finances are potentially unhealthy.

Control the desire to shop and do not spend money for a moment of pleasure, but make sure to buy things as needed rather than just a desire. In order to run well, my friend can make a budget and notes as needed.

As long as the goods are still viable and functioning properly, as much as possible avoid buying new ones so that expenses do not increase. Although controlling the desire to shop is not easy, you must be sure in order to achieve a healthy financial condition.

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Emergency Fund Allocation
A life of its nature can not be predicted, including financially, so that you do not be distracted if you have to spend large amounts of money when there are unexpected needs.

Allocating emergency funds for beginners does not have to be a large nominal, because for friends who are accustomed to living extravagant but can learn to allocate emergency funds means starting to lead to sound financial management. If you are getting used to it, try to allocate this emergency fund every month to reach a sufficient nominal for each month. Simple calculation, a minimum of 3x of the total needs of your life for one month.

If you already have an emergency fund, your financial condition will continue to run properly even if problems come.

Developing Funds
For financial conditions to be good and measurable in the future, one of which is to set aside some money to be developed. To choose fund development products, you can develop funds in Financial Technology (fintech) Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending Acceleration.

P2P Lending Acceleration provides a variety of benefits, ranging from yields of up to 21% per year, the borrower has collateral and has been facilitated by credit insurance protection can even start from Rp 100,000. With Rp 100,000, it means you can start a good lifestyle not necessarily with a large nominal.

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