When we want to change lives for the better, everything needs to start from ourselves. We need to change the bad habits we have been doing . And, of course, change our mindset for the better than before. We need to stop thinking that my destiny is very bad, today is not a good day for me, I’m trapped in a bad situation, or I can’t do anything to change this.


NO! avoid all negative thoughts like that, because all that will only form a mindset that is not good for our lives. Unfortunately, there are still many people who allow themselves to be trapped in negative thought patterns. For them, whatever effort is given to change the situation, everything will only be in vain.


There is no other way to get out of the trap of this negative mindset, other than getting out of his trap. Here are 8 ways you can help us free ourselves from negative thought patterns. C’mon, let’s see the explanation.


1. Set a New “Norm” for Us.

There are too many things that can cause us to think negatively, so negative thought patterns become natural for us. What are the things that can make us think negatively? For example coercion and negative comments from others such as coercion to get married soon and have children, family members urge us to look for other jobs with higher salaries, and various other forms of coercion that are very disturbing.


When we feel excessively forced, our thoughts will become more sensitive and negative thought patterns will be easier to enter our brain. In this case, we need to free ourselves by setting new “norms” in our lives.


New norms that can be set, for example, stop comparing our achievements with others, do not worry about what other people say to us, do not easily hurt by the chatter of people who hate us, and so forth.


2. Taming All Negative Thoughts.

Although there are many things that can bring negative thoughts into our brains, but all of them can still be dealt with properly. Who can handle it? The answer is yourself. We are the main controller in life that we have ourselves. That is, as much as any negative conditions out there, we are the main controller that can drive all negativity into our mindset.


To help your fellow readers in this regard, write down all the negative things that your fellow readers think, then write down positive things that can destroy any negative points that your fellow readers have.


3. Not Much Talking, Except Positive Things.

Don’t allow ourselves to talk too much, except to talk about positive things . To really get out of the constraints of negative thought patterns, we need to act positively from now on and apply them every day, without exception.


When we want to talk something, make sure that we think through it carefully. “Will the sentence I say say hurt anyone else?”, “Will I say that it will benefit others?” and so forth.


If we get used to saying positive things, then over time our environment will also become positive. When we are in a positive environment, it is less likely to have a negative mindset.


4. Back to reality.

Often negative thought patterns come because we cannot accept the reality. For example, we always think of things that are annoying in the past. In fact, all that has passed and we live in the present.


Do not want to accept the reality that there will facilitate negative thoughts into our brains. We will tend to complain like, “Ah, I shouldn’t do that …” or “Gosh, why am I so stupid to have done this ?!”


The complaints we say will form a very dangerous negative mindset. So, would it be better if we always accept the reality, be grateful and try to give everything the best every day.


5. Learn to Become a Fun Person.

Another way to avoid negative thought patterns is to be pleasant, both to yourself and to others. As we know that pleasant people usually think positively, say good things and do good things.


By being a pleasant person, we will feel comfortable with ourselves and other people will really like to interact with us. First of all, we need to learn to be honest, friendly, polite, and do other positive attitudes . Don’t say negative things, try to see people from the other side. So, we avoid the attitude that likes to judge others.


It never feels detrimental if we become pleasant people. No matter how difficult or bad the situation is, pleasant individuals will always have a way to think positively and spread the positive aura to those around them.


6. Forgive the Past. 

Negative thoughts can also come from unpleasant actions or attitudes that we have received in the past. For example, we once had a fight with our coworkers in the company before. Say her name is Risa. Every time we hear the name ‘Risa’, our brains immediately think about the unpleasant things we have felt from its treatment.


Without us knowing, we keep a grudge over Risa’s behavior so far. Well, this is the negative mindset that is often possessed by us. We invite all Career Advice partners to forgive all mistakes and disappointments that have been felt in the past. By forgiving the past, our lives will feel more calm and peaceful. And, of course, negative thoughts will stay away from us.


7. Use Anger and Frustration for Positive Things.

There is no denying that we will often find things that are unpleasant, such as not being treated fairly. It’s good to use anger and frustration in positive contexts.


For example, if we are treated rudely and unfairly by someone, we have the right to be angry. Our anger is a form of firmness for these unpleasant actions.


In addition, it is fine if we feel frustrated. Provided that we feel frustrated for positive things too. For example, we feel frustrated because we haven’t passed the job training. Even though our other colleagues have successfully passed the training.


Well, this kind of frustration will encourage us to try to provide the best as possible. So, anger and frustration are not always related to negative thought patterns. Both can be good things, as long as we place them correctly.


8. The power to change is within oneself.

The last way we can do to avoid negative thought patterns is to realize and understand correctly that all the power we need is within ourselves. No one else is able to help us avoid negative thought patterns, except ourselves.


by Abdullah Sam
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