What to avoid in bed: things everyone should know!

Ah, please! Do you want to teach me how to have sex? ”. No my friend. I want to tell you about things you probably never stopped to notice. Sex tends to be much more impulsive than rational. Why not try to improve and discover the secrets hidden within four walls? Let’s talk about what to avoid in bed so that you have much more pleasure. Something that everyone should know.

Maybe it’s normal for you to go around tearing off shirts or swearing, but have you ever stopped to think that not everyone likes that? Many women’s magazines often give bizarre tips for achieving orgasms. I can’t do half of it myself. Let’s agree ?! Sometimes this lot of bizarre things in the middle of sex make us even lost and cause insecurity. The coolest thing is what we call chemistry, which also means involvement, the discovery of the other and the acceptance that each interprets from the pleasure it causes in the partner. If you want to know what things to avoid in bed, read on.

What to avoid in bed?

  • The rattle woman
  • Stress in bed
  • Positions
  • Expectations

Dialogue, yes! Loose rattle, no!

We always hear the obvious out there: conversation is always necessary. Say what you want, what you don’t want, what’s good or not. Ah, come on! You already know that and if you don’t, that’s why you don’t want to. But everything has a limit! Keeping a monologue during sex is terrible. Even worse if the subject has nothing to do with the moment.

Relax and…

Yeah, sometimes the tension to be sexy is so great that we get nervous. The problem may lie elsewhere: in our thoughts that stick to less important things, our daily stresses and the pressure of having an orgasm. The most recent data from the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University indicates that 20 to 30% of women have almost never or never had orgasms in their relationships. And I’m serious! This is the fault of the pressure. So the way is: relax to enjoy.

Right, left, come and go!

Sometimes I am afraid that people will develop RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury). Poor boys, they think sex is to turn on the jackhammer mode and stay in that position forever, in a convulsive and strange movement. Guys, move up ! Turn, turn around, go up, go down, there you go. What to avoid in bed? Monotony! Sex is movement!

Porn only on the small screen!

Do you know those videos with incredible squirts, homeric moans and a cumshot that seems to have no end? So, I will not say that it does not exist, but all of this is too rare to happen. Movies are movies, people! He doesn’t wait or, worse, try to reproduce it in bed. Their orgastic pretensions can be achieved without pirouettes or pretending. What to avoid in bed? Imagination that escapes reality too much and prevents its pleasure.

So, we arrived here knowing some tips on what to avoid in bed: holding the rattle, relaxing to live in the moment, leaving astronomical expectations aside and playing with the movements. After all, everyone expects something from sex: that is very good!

by Abdullah Sam
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