Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Nickel Lingot Locations Guide

Ingots are assets in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla that are used to upgrade your equipment. These bars are indicated by gold bars scattered around the map. In this guide, we will help you find Nickel Bar Locations in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla with Fixed Locations and other ways to acquire them.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla nickel bar locations

Nickel ingots can only be found in regions with a suggested power level of 90 and 130. There are a total of 4 regions with these suggested power levels.

Lunden – Level 90

Nickel Ingot # 1
The first nickel ingot is found in the temple of Sulis Minerva. Clear the area and enter the room where the icon is located.

Shoot the red marker on the wall to drop the weight and jump into the hole. Kill the panther and loot the chest.

Nickel ingot No. 2
On the northwest side of the region, look for an enemy with a key to the chest with Odin’s sight. Kill the enemy and loot the chest inside the pit of the vipers.

Nickel ingot No. 3
Use Odin’s sight and take the key from the enemy who has it. Jump into the water behind where the small tent is and look for an entrance with a wooden door. Break the door and loot the chest.

Nickel ingot No. 4
The last nickel ingot in this region is found inside the Londinium Bureau.

Enter the office and right under the hanging wooden platform, dive into the water and loot the crate.

Oxenefordscire – Level 90

Nickel ingot No. 1
One of the enemies in Linforda will carry a nickel ingot. Kill the enemy and loot him to get the ingot.

Nickel ingot No. 2
The nickel ingot will be inside a chest in one of the buildings around Evisham Abbey.

The room will be locked, so turn to the back and break the wall to enter. Go up to the upper level and pick up the chest there.

Nickel ingot No. 3
In the village of Perie, look for a locked house. You will need to find the key using Odin’s sight. Take the key and take a red pot up close.

Enter the house and use the red vase to break the wall blocking your path. The crate will be behind the flimsy wall in the basement of the house.

Nickel ingot No. 4
The chest is inside a house guarded by an enemy. Kill the enemy and get the key from one of the tents near the house. Go into the house and take your loot.

Nickel ingot No. 5
When you get wealth, no. 13 from inside the room, the room to his right has the chest. Shoot the lock from the window and grab the loot from there.

Nickel ingot No. 6
Where do you get the key to wealth n. 13, the chest is inside that room containing the nickel ingot.

Nickel Ingot # 7
In the abandoned Shrine of Camulus, look for two keys around the building.

When you have both keys, head to the west side of the shrine and enter through the crevice. The chest will be inside a dark room.

Nickel ingot No. 8
Enter the Evinghou Tower by going up from the northwest side and breaking the wooden window.

An enemy will be inside the tower carrying the ingot. Kill the enemy and loot him to get your reward.

Nickel ingot No. 9
This chest is located inside a house in Hammeham village. Find the house key and enter.

Move the barricade to find another key to enter the room containing the Nickel Lingot inside.

Fire Out – Level 130

Nickel ingot No. 1
Near the Wenlocan outpost, a skirmisher will carry the ingot.

Nickel ingot No. 2
The second ingot is inside a house in the town of Wesberie.

Nickel ingot No. 3
Enter the cave near the waterfall and keep following the path. Look for a crack in the wall on your way. Enter the crack and loot the chest.

Nickel ingot No. 4
Just below the fast travel point is a movable barricade which has a breakable door behind it. Enter the door and take the ingot from the chest.

Nickel ingot No. 5
The chest is located behind a fragile wall inside the Dhustone quarry. You have to take a red vase from the stairs and throw it against the wall to enter the room that has the chest inside.

Nickel ingot No. 6
The last chest is also inside the Dhustone quarry. It is hidden behind a blocked hole that you can destroy by throwing a red vase at it.

Cent – Level 130

Nickel ingot No. 1
The first ingot can be found in a room on Old Gravesham Bridge.

Enter the bridge and move the barricade. Break the weak wall and go through it to find the chest inside the room.

Nickel ingot No. 2
Search for a madman inside the Lolingestone Bandit Camp and kill him to get the reward.

Nickel ingot No. 3
This is a locked chest inside a building. You need to get the key from a nearby tower. One of the bodies has a key in his pocket.

Take the key and go back to where the chest is. Enter the building by breaking the wall and grab your reward.

Nickel ingot No. 4
You must first get the key to the tower before you can enter it. It is carried by a Banneret in the Rouecistre block.

Take the key from him and enter the tower. Shoot the other door from here and go outside.

Now enter the tower through the other door and go down. The chest is inside the room.

Nickel ingot No. 5
Under the viewpoint of this region is a tower that holds your fifth nickel ingot. You need to get two keys before you can enter this tower.

One of the keys is inside a well near the tower. Enter the well and take the key from under the chest.

The other key is inside the building north of the tower. Enter the building through the second floor. Jump down when you are inside the room and take the key from the shelf.

Go back to the tower and climb to the top by dropping the ladder. The chest will be on the second floor of the tower.

Nickel ingot No. 6
This ingot is found inside a cave at the Chiselherst bandit camp. Enter the cave through the hole and follow the path.

Throw your green gas torch to clear the road and go straight. When you find a boulder, move it to reveal a fragile wall.

Go back and get a red vase. Eliminate the gas in front of you and go to the fragile wall with the red pot. Throw the pot at the wall and go inside to grab your loot.

Nickel ingot No. 7
In the west of the region there is a small house that has the ingot. Enter the house and enter the basement.

There is a hole in the ground which is covered with boxes. Enter the hole and follow the passage.

Jump to the other side and grab the key in mid-air. Open the door and go straight.

You will now find three paths and three doors at the bottom. Walk through each of the paths and get the key.

Now go to the doors at the bottom and enter the rooms one by one. Two of these rooms will have wealth, while the third door leads outside.

Nickel ingot No. 8
You must raid Dover Fortress to get this ingot. One of the Skirmishers will carry the Nickel Lingot.

Nickel ingot No. 9
This ingot can also be found inside the Dover Fortress building. The building is near the short tower.

Nickel ingot No. 10
Inside the Cantebury Barracks there is a locked room which contains the ingot.

The only way to enter this room is by breaking the room wall using the red vases. Take one up close and throw it against the fragile wall. Inside the room is a soldier and a chest.

Nickel ingot # 11
In the same area there is a church of San Martino which contains the box inside.

Bar # 12 This chest is located inside the Dorobernia Theater in Cantebury. There is a block in the center of the stage that you can walk through.

Go through the open door and the passage with the rocks.

Break the vases to your left and enter the room. Move the barricade and take the ingot from the other side.

Bar # 13 The key to this chest is in the pockets of an Arbelist standing on a higher platform. Kill him and take the key from him to open the chest.

Bar # 14 Dive into the water in the southern part of the region near the Folcanstan coast.

Deep inside is a sunken ship that has a chest. Look for the key in the wreck and open the chest when you find it.

These are all the places where you can find the Nickel Lingot in these four regions of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. You can also get nickel ingots from the shop for 250 silver each and by trading animals and fish parts.


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